WPForms Plugin

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Various forms, whether its a form for subscribing to someones email list, a contact info form or a payment info form are an important part of a successful website, as these forms help to capture and funnel your audience to whatever it is you want to funnel them towards.

You can create your own without a special plugin, but if you want to create a form that will truly capture readers then you will want to have a form creating tool to create forms that are more interesting, interactive and engaging.

Today I am going to introduce to you the WPForms plugin, a free(freemium specifically) form designing tool that will help you to build a custom form for your own purposes.

If this free plugin is something you want to learn more about then please read onward.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

The types of forms this plugin can help you create are beneficial to you and your websites as they will help you to convert people better, whether you design a signup form for your sites newsletter, creating a personal contact info form for people to reach you or a payment section form to help increase cash flow, this plugin will help you design them.

As I always say, you definitely do not have to use this plugin for yourself, but I do recommend trying it if you decide you want a form builder plugin as this is a fantastic free plugin, and the paid version comes with even more options to choose from. Continue on if you wish to read my quick set up guide to get this plugin up and going as soon as possible.

WPForms Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the WPForms form builder section

Head over to the WordPress plugin store and type in WPForms, its going to be the first one of the left authored by WPForms and it has over 90,000 downloads.

Download the plugin and then activate it, at which time thereafter you will go into the settings of the plugin. There is not much set up required to make this plugin work so you don’t have to worry about going through a checklist to activate or deactivate things, instead when you go into the settings you should be introduced to a video that gives you a brief overview of how the plugin works and all that the free version does.

Make sure to watch that video as it should go over the basics you need to know, and from that point onward you are free to begin creating your various form types for your website. It should not be a problem beginning to use this plugin as its toted as being one of the most user friendly plugins for form building, but if you do need additional help using this tool then please make sure to check out WPForms YouTube channel where they post helpful videos showing you how to perform various tasks using their plugin.

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Thank you again for reading through this quick set up for the WPForms plugin, hopefully you have a plugin that performs similar task for you just as good if not better assuming you decided this plugin wasn’t for you. Please make sure to leave a comment down below if you have anything on your mind, maybe your own review of WPForms or a similar plugin that you use and would like to suggest? Whatever you have to say, I want to hear it.

Thanks again for reading,