Why Become A Master Affiliate?

Maybe you are just now at the beginning of your online entrepreneurship, perhaps just wandering around, trying to decide if putting a website together is even something you are interested in, and if that’s the case, I would recommend that you get interested.

If you feel stuck right now at this point in life, just getting by with your job that you are unhappy with, not making the money you wish you did, knowing you can do more but just unsure of what that something more is, I am telling you now, I know what you can do to change things and make real progress in your life.

The good thing about building your own website with the plan to become an affiliate marketer is that it’s all on your own time. It can be a full time job you constantly make headway with, something part time you do to try to make headway forward to whatever it is you want out of life, or even as simple as a hobby you do in your spare time that you both do because you enjoy and because you know that diligence in this hobby can come rewards.

Let me try and break down a couple reasons why you should be interested in learning how to become a master affiliate!

Becoming A Master Affiliate is like getting an E-Degree

Ok stick with me on this one, I promise it will make sense. A lot of people take out thousands of dollars in loans to pay for 4+ years of schooling, and for what?  They think that getting this knowledge and the degree will give them a way to make a decent living, and for some people that is true, but a lot of people go to college and come out only to find that they are still going to struggle(normally) to get a job and make the money they thought their degree was going to allow them to make.

The knowledge you need to learn in order to build a website and create content and be apart of affiliate programs is different in a sense. Its different in the way that it teaches you how to build your own business, a business located on what could be called the biggest street corner in the world, a street corner that 2 billion people people pass by everyday, the internet.

The best part is that it doesn’t take 4 years to learn/build and it’s far cheaper to pay to learn how to become an affiliate marketer than it is to pay for a 4 year degree, whether you decide to check out my recommended learning platform(and quite a bit more honestly)Wealthy Affiliate who helped me get started or you try some of the other services and courses available.

Learning how to market other people’s products through your site, gives you the opportunity to have your own business with doors that are open 24/7, 365 days out of the year, and an endless stream of products to sell assuming you understand “The Affiliate Game” as I sometimes like to call it.

One thing you need to keep in mind when going through the learning process of Wealthy Affiliate University should you decide to try it out, and I cannot stress this enough, do not let all the information overwhelm you! This is not a challenge that has to be tackled today, it’s a learning process and you just need to go through  no matter how much time it takes you to be successful, and realize that the worst thing you could ever do is just flat give up.

It Makes A Great Hobby

In my opinion, that’s all it ever really has to be, honestly, or maybe that’s just how I feel? Everyone needs a hobby to occupy their free time, I guess it just makes sense to me to invest my time in a hobby that can give back to me as I perfect it.

I just knew that this is was type of business for me, the one where I don’t have to bust my back working for someone else or busting my back trying to get a business up and running with other people involved(not usually that fun), instead I can build something for myself and it’s all at my pace.

I have a business that I own, running a used car parts business along side a partner, building sites and affiliate marketing is just something I do on my spare time so I can be working towards a more prosperous future for myself and my family.

Success Will Yield Time

Just about anywhere you see me post you will likely see me talking about what I feel is the most fantastic thing that affiliate marketing has to offer to those who achieve, and that’s time. That’s the most important thing that money can buy beyond food and water, if you think about it.

Most people work away their lives just trying to grind out enough money to get by, something that nobody wants to do, most just do it because that’s what they know. I wanted to be different, and I am assuming you feel the same.

I’ve always been a daydreamer, and while I still work with a partner in another business, I am at a point in my life where I make decent money without working too much, allotting me all the time I needed to start building the business I always daydreamed of having and now live that dream.

Before long I will have even more time on my hands thanks to my websites and affiliate marketing alone to do whatever it is I want knowing that the business I took the time to build will be making me money whether I am there or not.

It brings a tear to my eyes how obvious an opportunity like this is, even people I had worked with a couple years ago building a website just could not understand what I was trying to tell them when I tried to explain just how massive affiliate programs are for profiting off the traffic you direct to your website, and they just couldn’t comprehend for some bizarre reason. They could only focus on one thing instead of the broader picture I tried to present to them.

Don’t Waste This Chance, Depend On Yourself First!

That’s why I decided to start building websites on my own time, because I know I can do it with the proper training and effort. I decided to build this website as an example, to vent my disbelief over how people who understand building websites can be explained what an affiliate program is, and how simple it is to learn and implement different affiliate programs into your website to make even more money on top of whatever service your website might provide, yet just don’t see it for some reason.

That’s when I realized after so many years of trying to find partners who were on the same page as me, that if I was going to build sites and master affiliate marketing then it was going to have to be without a partner. It’s something I knew I had to learn myself and do myself, not something I find a partner to do for me.

If you are just beginning to learn what goes into building websites and what affiliate programs are and whether or not its something you should be interested in if you are building a website, then I ask you to heard these words. LEARN THE AFFILIATE GAME! It is a massive potential source of income with limits as far as your creativity and website traffic can take it.

What about you though? Don’t you have those same dreams as I did? Isn’t that why you are here, learning about doing something online and trying to do something for yourself? I’m telling you, the sooner you seek out training on affiliate programs and website building if needed too, the sooner you will be working towards whatever it is that you think money can do to make your life better. Please leave a comment if anything I wrote about possibly related to you or made you think, I would really love to know!



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