What Pages To Create First When Starting A New Website(Video Tutorial)

As just about everyone who ever has or does exist can tell you, starting something new can be a daunting task, some could even describe it as scary. Nobody likes stepping out of their personal comfort zone, but if you truly desire something worthwhile and special out of life then you will have no choice but to conquer that anxiety of starting something new sooner or later(controlling your mind) in order to achieve your goals.

I like to think that building your own online business, AKA your website is a great example of something worthwhile that can be hard to begin initially, so today I wanted to put together a post to help people just getting started building their site by showing them some initial pages that you are going to need when beginning your site.

It is my hope that pushing you in the right direction and showing you pages you can create almost immediately will help you get going and move you past the initial feeling of having to begin. You are welcome to read through my whole post where I go over 3 pages to create when beginning your website OR you can check the video out below where the information will be provided to you in video format.
How to begin the initial framework of your website

Your First Page Of True Content

First Page Of ContentThe first page that you should churn out for your new site should be a page of content that is relevant to the niche of your website, just something informative to get the ball rolling.

As an example, if you were creating a website based around flying drones(A recently popular piece of technology) you could write your first page giving a brief history of the rise of drone technology, or a page talking about the decline in prices over the last couple years and why someone would want to own one to begin with. Whatever you are planning to write about for this website in general is what I encourage you to write about for this first page.

All About You

About YouAnother important page you can quickly get out of the way is a page talking about the websites founder, you! Write a page giving an overview of who you are so people can connect with you on a personal level. People like reading content more so when they know more about who it is behind the screen writing.

Maybe give some information on your life journey which led you to the idea of creating a website, what your profession is in life or what your qualifications might be. Whatever you decide, just know that obviously there is no wrong way to go about creating this page as long as it helps readers better understand who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.

Your Right To Privacy

Privacy PolicyThe final page to create is by far the easiest for me to tell you about and the easiest for you to create, the privacy policy page. This is just a simple page that all websites require, and its one that you can simply copy and paste onto the page.

Simply Google privacy policy page generator to get a template of a basic privacy policy you can use or alternatively you are welcome to check out my privacy policy page and just copy/paste that, just make sure you remove my website name and replace it with your own and you should be good to go!

Hopefully this post was able to shed a bit of light on pages you can create to begin your website journey, as my goal for this site is always to help guide others in the right direction. If you want more help in pursuing your online business goals then I suggest checking out the online entrepreneur community Wealthy Affiliate, where you can receive a more clear path to your goal of creating an online business that you make a living with.

Its free to sign up with and there are literally thousands on people just like you apart of the WA community who are constantly helping each other move towards their individual goals, make sure to check them out!






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