What Is Yahoo Sitebuilder?

Photo showing the Yahoo logo

The internet is almost an unfathomable creation in a sense, a modern marvel.

It has allowed people and businesses all around the world to completely change the way business is created and operated, it even allows for all new types of businesses that wouldn’t exist without the internet, such as website builder platforms.

People need tools in order to be able to create websites, and if you want many different people to be able to create websites then you have to make those tools as simple to understand and easy to use as possible.

That is the goal of the website building platform Yahoo SiteBuilder, but do they live up to the goal they have set for themselves? Continue on to learn more, I aim to help answer the question, what is Yahoo SiteBuilder?

A Quick Overview

Yahoo SiteBuilder is a site building platform developed by Yahoo the search engine themselves, and its free to download, although you are required to pay for hosting exclusively through Yahoo should you create your site using this program.

This program used to be considered fairly decent years ago, but there are many different problems that unfortunately plague Yahoo SiteBuilder that you should be made aware of before you decide to start investing massive amounts of time, effort and money on your future website hand and hand with this software.

What Are The Problems?

As I said, there are a few things that hold this sitebuilding software from being a truly viable option, with the main thing being just how outdated this program is, i’m talking like around 15 years old or so.

Right out of the box, if you really want to use this platform to create your website then you are going to have to download an outdated version of Java in order for the program to be able to run.

No i’m not kidding.

If that’s not a turn off, since it’s a Yahoo product and since Yahoo is in itself a search engine just like Google(except Google is way better in every way imaginable when compared to Yahoo, even though I don’t agree with the shadiness of Google itself), the program is completely integrated with Yahoo, to the point where you have Yahoo branded widgets, such as an integrated Yahoo search bar and even Yahoo maps, both things you are not interested in having on your website.

It comes with many different website templates, but unfortunately considering the age of this sitebuilder most of them really don’t look all that great, maybe back in the early to mid 2000’s, but we aren’t too far off from 2018 and the way website templates are today is vastly superior in comparison to what Yahoo SiteBuilder has to offer, such as much more fluid widget integration, dragging/dropping and plugins.

Not to mention non of the themes provided with this website builder are optimized for mobile browsing, something that is a MUST in today’s modern, online world. Up to a third of your future traffic could easily be from mobile users(smart phones, tablets, etc.), so the fact that Yahoo SiteBuilder cannot provide a proper integration for those users could be very detrimental to you in the future.

Cool Features

Photo showing the interface to Yahoo SiteBuilder

To be honest this software really doesn’t have a single feature that can’t be done infinitely better with just about any modern website creation software.

In addition to the Yahoo branded features I mentioned earlier that you can add to your site, there is a PayPal button widget available to you that you can place on your site for donations which is cool enough I guess, but the website eCommerce feature requires you to have a Aabaco Merchant Solutions account, which is just another business that is owned by Yahoo.

The last two big features included are a contact form creation tool which is kinda cool, and for web analytics you are provided a hit counter. That pretty much wraps up all the features this program includes, baring the 300+ crappy templates I mentioned earlier.

That pretty much covers the important things you need to know in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not this web building platform is for you, but in case for some bizarre reason you are still on the fence, you should know that your best option at this point is to regress your memories of ever having discovered this pitiful excuse for a website builder and move on to the future, which in this case if the present.

There are tons of better web design platforms and hosting options that will give you way more advantages then what Yahoo SiteBuilder can provide, which is zero.

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Hopefully I was able to answer your question, what is Yahoo SiteBuilder? So  I am curious, what kind of website are you hoping to build? Is it just a “for fun” hobby or are you looking to free yourself of the daily grind that is working for the man? I really would love to see a comment from you, so please make sure to drop me a hello if the mood does strike you!

Thank you for reading,