What Is Weebly Website Builder?

Photo showing a Weebly logo

Everybody loves simplicity & convenience, it just makes life easier.

Which is why website builders such as Weebly are so popular today and why Weebly and other similar website building platforms will continue to grow and grow as technology does. If you are reading this then chances are you are very close to pulling the trigger on beginning to build your own website and begin pursuing whatever end goal it is you have on your mind, assuming you have one at all.

Read onward if you want to learn more as I try to answer the question, what is Weebly website builder?

Quick Overview

Weebly is a website building platform, popularly known today for its well developed drag & drop website design method, the newest and easiest way to design a website.

It is free to use should you decide you are content with having a website that is just a sub domain of Weebly itself, but if you want to use your own domain and be provided with more features then you are going to have pay for an account with Weebly. Fortunately the different account options are priced out nicely in my opinion!

There are 4 different account options not including the free account, the personal account which costs $8 a month and comes with more features than the free account such as one free personal domain registration with Weebly alongside being allowed to use your own domain instead of Weebly’s sub domain name, the pro account which costs $12 a month and comes with added features like password protection and video wallpapers, the business account which costs $25 a month which comes with added features like the ability to register members on your site to create a sense of a community, SSL encryption, the ability to sell digital products, they take away the money processing fee that Weebly charges others with lower tier accounts from 3% to 0% and also allow you to process money on your own website instead of having to go directly through Weebly to do so.

The final account available is the performance account that costs $38 a month and adds features like an email marketing list setup to help keep in contact with your users, pre created email campaigns every month to use on your email subscribers and real time shipping rates(the two final account tiers are geared more towards those who want an eCommerce presence on the web, please keep that in mind).

Ok now i’m gonna go ahead and try to break down the more important things you would want to know prior to investing time, energy and money with this company, read on if you think Weebly may be the right fit for you.

What Are The Problems?

Honestly I have to say, its kind of hard to list things about Weebly that I would(or anyone would)consider a problem.

If I had to get nit picky about it I guess the biggest draw back that Weebly has it is costs money. A weird gripe I know, but when you compare it to one of the biggest, most updated and used website builders, namely WordPress,  its fair to consider this a draw back when trying to decide what site builder is best for you. That’s not to say that the money you spend isn’t worth it, because honestly I personally find that it is(as do millions of other users), especially since the prices for most of the account tiers are, as I mentioned previously, nicely priced.

Its also fair to note that while you do have much more freedom and control over your website as compared to using something such as GoDaddy, you still aren’t as free and in control as say someone who uses WordPress, whether or not you consider this a true negative I don’t know, but its something to keep in mind all the same.

The final thing that could be considered a negative is if you decide you would like to subscribe to Weebly you will have to pay for a full year up front, so those with limited funds who are hoping to spend $12 a month will be out of luck as they will have to pay the full $144 for the year to get started.

Cool Features

Photo showing the Weebly website builder program

Without a doubt, the coolest thing that Weebly has going for them is their fantastic drag and drop website builder system.

Weebly pulls the drag and drop method off almost masterfully, you can drag and drop all sorts of different page components to just about any part of  the page you are editing, no restrictions or specific places where things need to be put. You can drag a title section for your page to any part of the page and drop it to be used, the same goes for things such as photos, various buttons, slide shows(if you pay for pro or higher), videos, contact forms and many more available options for placement throughout your pages.

Much like my website builder WordPress, Weebly has what is called an app store where you can download various add ons for your website, adding more function and customization. There are over 1000 apps available and the number continues to grow constantly, it may not be 10,000 plus apps like the WordPress plugin library, but there are definitely enough apps available to remedy just about any needs you  may have.

There is a plentiful amount of themes available for your website, all of them are modern and sleek looking and all of them are mobile/tablet responsive, another really important feature, especially in today’s modern online world where a massive amount of traffic comes from people on their phones/tablets.

The hosting they provide is nice and quick, the building features are seamless(also slightly restricted but you will find that with just about any website builder)and work fantastic, you can switch the layout of your theme between a few different preset layouts, the prices are fairly cheap(only problem with price  is the full payment up front)and the customer support is typically helpful and quick to resolve issues.

There really isn’t much about this website builder that is negative or bad for the most part, to the point where its kind of hard to point negatives out, many that I have pointed out feel more like nitpicks than anything else.

Weebly truly is a great website builder, and one you should take the time to seriously consider before you make a final decision.

If you are looking for a relatively quick and easy way to build your next website and don’t mind being slightly restricted when compared to say WordPress as an example, then Weebly could very well be the home you are looking for.

I am curious, what are you looking to accomplish with the website you are looking to create? Are you looking to create some kind of blog as a hobby? Maybe you are looking to create an eCommerce website where you offer some form of goods?

Whatever the case I want to know, how much do you know/understand about the fundamentals of both website design and traffic generation(traffic generation = money generation, if you didn’t know that then you are most definitely a newbie)?

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What do you think about Weebly, is it something you think you will try out for free or do you think you will be checking into different available options? Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! I hope I was able to answer your question, what is Weebly website builder?

Thank you for reading,