What Is TypeRacer?

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Back when I was a kid in the 70’s, the ways we could have fun were limited in comparison to kids today, and yet it never really felt that way as using child imagination and playing sports was more than enough to keep us busy in our own minds.

Today is different though, video games/computer games have changed the way that many people in general, not just kids, entertain themselves. With the internet connecting and empowering people to pursue their creative ideas, there are a great many computer games available to play, many of which are free and fun, but what about beneficial?

There is a very famous computer game that is free to play, and actually helps you with your typing skills, its called TypeRacer. TypeRacer is a very fun game, many would even call it addictive, but if you are here then you are probably wondering exactly, what is TypeRacer? Read on if you want to learn more, it may end up helping you, not just entertain you.

What Is TypeRacer?

TypeRacer is an online game that is the first of its kind, a word type racing multiplayer computer game where you race against other players from around the world to type passages of random books and other works of literature the fastest.

That’s basically the whole game. I know that isn’t something that many people will find all that exciting of a game premise, but at the same time there are a lot of people who love it and would be interested in it if they knew it existed, me having been one of those people because I think this game is cool as hell!

This game is really more for the artsy, writer type personality(haha type), those who like to create things and write content and stories. I myself have always liked writing, not that I was ever any good at it(or really am now), so I personally find this game to be fun to play as I am becoming better at typing while competing with others for some friendly, enjoyable competition. Ok well mostly friendly competition, but we will get into that here in a second.

Being someone who makes a living online and by extension, writing and typing, this is a nice game to play to keep me on my typing game(haha typing game, another quality, unintentional pun) and help me conserve time when typing out my content, so checking out this game is something I would recommend those who also create web content for a living or those who have an interest in creating content online for a living I feel this could be something that is right up your alley.

If you decide you might want to check out this game then read through the section of things you might want to know before hand.

Things You May Want To Know

Photo showing a TypeRacer race

Starting off, in case you were wondering the player base for this game is fairly decent, there always seems to be plenty of people for me to race with whenever I play, so that’s a plus.

There are leader boards that are constantly changing, honestly the leader board is what plays a big role is keeping the player base alive and well, it gives people something extra to strive for. There is also a ranking system of sorts, where you are organized into different pools of players based on your skill level within the game, which is measured by “WPM” or “words per minute”, so this is really good news, its nice that the creators took the time to create this simple system, I know I wouldn’t want to keep playing this if I kept getting matched up with people who are way quicker at typing than I am and just constantly wipe the floor with me ya know? So we covered the skill scaling for the game and the matchmaking system, now let’s talk about the actual player base, which is fine for the most part, although its not without faults.

First thing, people quit mid race. A LOT. It’s pretty lame, someone will make one mistake at the beginning of the race and just quit the game all together to quickly start another. It’s fairly common and obviously can’t be avoided so just try not to contribute to that is all I can really say.

One other big thing to know is that there is a messaging system in the site if you decide to set up an account, and some of the people who play the game can be for a lack of betters terms pricks sometimes, so you may get a little trash talking in your inbox if you end up being any good, not that it’s a big deal overall, you can just ignore it right?

I really do hope you found this blog post interesting enough to go take a look at this game for yourself at some point, it really does have a pretty big following believe it or not, just go check out the views on some of the TypeRacer YouTube videos available and you will see how many people are interested in it.

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Thanks for taking the time to read through this, hopefully you will check out TypeRacer or WA here in the near future. Have you ever played TypeRacer before? How do you feel about it? You any good? Let me know what you think about TypeRacer in the comments, and don’t forget to share your high score if you have one you are proud of!

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