What Is Slack Chat?

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It can’t be underestimated just how important the method of communication and content sharing is for teams working on any sort of project.

Whether its school aged teens trying to come together and get that group project done in English class or its a team of scientists under NASA trying to work together to program a robot that can collect information on distant planets, they need an efficient way to talk back and worth, share ideas and information and just all around coordinate this project even though everyone can’t be together at the same time all the time.

Enter the cloud based chat software, Slack Chat. Slack Chat, or just Slack, is a really useful tool for those productive teams out there working on important projects, and best of all its completely free to use.

If you might be interested in an intuitive, simple to use tool for communication then I encourage you to read on and I can tell you a little more about it, hopefully helping to answer the question, what is Slack Chat?

What is Slack Chat?

Slack is a cloud based online chat software that can be accessed both on the Slack website or by downloading the actual software onto your computer, which ever way is best for you. I myself use the downloaded version for maximum convenience but I myself have used the website itself to use my Slack channel and its just as responsive and easy to use, like I said its really just a preference.

How it works is simple, you sign up with your email and are given a main Slack channel to operate with, and you can then invite other people with emails to join your Slack channel so they can be apart of the chat as well. One thing that is really cool about Slack Chat is that you can create sub chat rooms(channels are basically chat rooms if I didn’t make that clear) within your main Channel so you have specific, organized chat rooms for different subjects, like different parts of a project.

It is free to use and the free option of Slack will more than likely provide to you absolutely everything you would ever want out of a chat software, but if you by chance needed the extra features offered by Slack, just know the prices are at least not all the pricey with there being three profile options, a free option, a standard option which is $8 a month, and a plus option which is $15 a month.

Check out the different pricing options/features if you feel like the free version will not cover all the features you would want, but as I have already was trying to say, there is a 98% you will not decide you need either of the paid options, but who knows right?

Who Would Want This Tool?

Photo showing a Slack Chat Channel

As I have already mentioned, the type of people who would mainly be interested in Slack would be those who are involved in projects that require multiple people working together and sharing their thoughts/work together, like a group of people who are creating a website together, and need to share thoughts for content and how to move forward.

Slack really is a great tool for keeping things coordinated with your team, but its also a great way to stay in contact with both friend and family. Theoretically you could create different Slack channels for different groups of people in your life, one group of friends maybe on one channel, family on another channel, and maybe another channel for another group of friends if you are really a social butterfly.

Many people use Slack Chat to keep in regular contact with people easily, and its better than texting or email because you can share different documents and other forms of information better than you can through text or email. Slack Cat even has an app version to be able to keep in touch with people on your Slack channels even when you aren’t by your computer, which I personally have appreciated over the last year.

Overall I would recommend Slack Chat as something anyone who needs to keep in touch with people they are work with should check out and consider as an option for group communication.

Hopefully this article was able to help answer the question “what is Slack Chat” and also maybe give you some insight as to who would benefit from using this software, I know my son and I do.

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I appreciate you reading my page on Slack, do you by chance have a better alternative to the Slack Chat software that is also free? Have an opinion you would like to share about Slack Chat? Whatever is on your mind please make sure to share it with us down in the comments!

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