What Is Music Bed?

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It can be quite a pain searching for a good soundtrack to license for your personal project, short films, YouTube videos and the like. Or maybe you yourself are in fact some sort of musical aficionado, a lyrical genius, the next Billy John or Elton Joel looking to make money with your musical creations through the power of the internet.

Whatever the case, you should definitely check out Music Bed. What is Music Bed and why are they considered one of the best in the online music licensing world? Read onward if you want to answer those questions.

What Is Music Bed

Music Bed is a website where people can go to browse through thousands of different tracks of all kinds of genres, from folk and country to post rock, indie and soul.

What makes Music Bed so particularly interesting is the fact that they only have around 650 or so artists who contribute to the entire Music Bed community, and because of their rigorous selection process they are well known for having fantastic tracks that can meet the needs of anyone. Think of Music Bed as a stock music website with actually talented Indie artists providing the music where you can license said music for a decent price.

I’ll quickly go over things that both the user looking to browse and the artist looking to contribute might want to know.

What The User Needs To Know

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If you are looking to license some cheap, great quality music for your YouTube videos or your independent film then Music Bed should definitely be one of(if not)the first options you choose to check out.

They have a massive selection of music to choose from and many different licensing packages to choose as well, giving people even more options and flexibility. The website allows users to be able to search for songs using certain phrases such as uplifting, mysterious or cinematic just to name a few, allowing for greater ease when searching for the perfect song that will set the mood the way you picture it in your head.

They do allow you to sample the music before you license it, its only a 30 seconds preview but once you license your first song you will be able to listen to all songs in their entirety before you purchase any more license, so that’s pretty cool.

The prices of licensing all vary depending on how you plan to use the music, and are sectioned off into different packages such as “wedding & portrait”, “non profit”, “business/corporate” and “independent film” which each package having different price points within it depending on further details and all together can range anywhere from $49 for a license to $199 or $399 for a license, it really just depends on a number of variables.

What The Artists Need To Know

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I already mentioned this prior but considering its probably the most key piece of information I feel I should brief over it one last time.

Music Bed is VERY selective about who’s music they take and license, as they know they have high standards to uphold as the stock music’s best choice for quality stock music.

I am not saying you will not be accepted by Music Bed, but you should definitely be prepared to have to work at it before your work is acknowledged in any way from Music Bed if you want to succeed. Here comes another big truth bomb about working through Music Bed, they take 50% of whatever you make.

You did not read that wrong. 50.%. I don’t know about you but I find this to be a bit high, don’t you? Music Bed attempts to justify this, explaining that Music Bed is a highly curated music marketplace with lots of traffic and prestige. I really can’t tell you for sure if the price of working with Music bed is really justified but there is no denying the quality of talent available on the website, and there is equally no denying the large traffic Music Bed sees on a monthly basis.

Whether or not the effort of working with Music Bed is really worth it is up to you, but as I have said, there are better ways to sell your art(music) online and make a profit than working exclusively through 3rd party online marketplaces.

I would definitely suggest checking out Music bed for your stock music needs, they have a fantastic selection of music that would appeal to anyone who enjoys music, and the prices of licensing are fair to good.

As far as using Music Bed to start making money online with your music, while I wouldn’t blame you for trying to partner with them I would really recommend reading what I have to say before you decide to start investing serious time and effort into your plan.

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I am curious, what is your favorite genre of music? Or rather just a favorite band or song? Have you ever checked out Music Bed before and perhaps have a favorite artist on there? I would love to hear about it, please make sure to leave something on your mind down in the comments for me, I would really love to hear from you!

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