What Is GoDaddy Website Builder?

Photo showing the GoDaddy logo

Without a doubt, one of, if not the biggest web hosting entities for the longest time has been GoDaddy.

You all must of heard of GoDaddy by now, they are well known for their sexy/hilarious TV ads such as this one.

What GoDaddy is actually less known for is it’s website building platform(obviously known to you but you get the point). If you are reading this then chances are you are looking into different available options for building your website and are considering GoDaddy as your choice for your web building software and by extension, hosting. GoDaddy has some interesting points that can make it attractive to the right person, but the question is, are you one of those people?

Read onward as I try yo answer the question, what is GoDaddy website builder?

A Quick Overview

The GoDaddy Website Builder, recently overhauled and renamed GoDaddy GoCentral, is a web building platform created by the company GoDaddy, that as I said pandered to a specific audience group, that group being complete beginners to the world of web design/creation.

It comes with 4 different account options, a personal account that costs $6 a month, a business account that comes with more features than the personal account such as PayPal integration and (SSL) security encryption that costs $10 a month, a business plus account that comes with the added features of things such as social integration email lists that costs $15 a month and finally an eCommerce account that costs $30 a month and comes with most of the big things you need in order to set up an online store should that be your goal. A couple important things to note, each of these account options does come with hosting included in the price and GoDaddy does offer a free months trial of any of the account options prior to being required to pay, a big plus in my book.

This website builder has received its fair amount of both criticism and praise, I am going to try to do my best to break down the important aspects you will want to know to make an informed decision as to whether you want to invest time with GoDaddy or not.

What Are The Problems?

Depending on who you are and what your goals for the future are, there are actually quite a few limitations and problems with GoDaddy that you may not appreciate.

The best way to explain it broadly, you have extremely limited control over your own website.

There are 4 account options to choose from as mentioned earlier, but one thing you may not notice when going through the price options is the things that GoDaddy offers in its more expensive accounts as reasons why said accounts cost more to use are features that to an extent, really are not features at all

. As an example I mentioned if you pay for the Business account instead of the personal account you get PayPal integration, which sounds like a feature that should cost money to someone who has no experience building websites(the people GoDaddy appeals to), but in reality is not a feature that costs money for MOST PEOPLE who create websites and make money through them, its a simple add on that requires no more than a small amount of time, not money(or perhaps that’s just WordPress users primarily?).

You are unable to access any of the code in your site should you feel like that was needed. The layout of templates cannot be altered/changed, it can be a challenge to do something as simple as rearrange a menu on your site which lends to the headache of properly organizing your pages the way you want.

The absolute craziest thing that I really can’t believe GoDaddy lacks is an app/plugin library, a place where you can browse for downloadable add-ons to add to your website, providing you and your site with a mountain of cool features! GoDaddy has no add-ons to add additional functionality to your website, what you see is essentially what you get.

According to the payment options, you actually have to PAY for social media integration, something that is pretty laughable to say the least, as this is not a premium feature of a website that typically costs money, and if it does its because you are getting the complete package of social integration, something you aren’t getting here for your money.

You can look into it yourself if you want the nitty gritty but here is the takeaway, this is an oversimplified website builder that works well doing what it does, it just doesn’t do as much as a lot of people need to create their target website. All this being said, I have already mentioned that GoDaddy website builder could very well be a perfect match for what you are looking to do, so lets get into the things that I feel GoDaddy does well.

Cool Features

Photo showing the GoDaddy GoCentral homepage

GoDaddy website builder(GoDaddy GoCentral) is simple, and that’s a good thing!

If you only want simple.

One of the coolest things about the GoDaddy website builder that I liked was being able to specify to GoDaddy precisely what your website niche is, and when GoDaddy website builder generates your site for you, it automatically fills the background with relevant photos that make sense for your niche.

Oh yeah, also the website creation process is extremely quick and painless, with the end result being GoDaddy pooping out a good looking website, all completely automatic. The amount of themes available to you are limited, but you can organize them in a few different preset layouts, and they are all completely responsive meaning they work well with mobile phones and tablets, something that is a big must in today’s online world, so kudos to them for that one.

I know I already mentioned it but I do think its worth putting in this section that I like the one month free trial without payment info, it really does shows the confidence GoDaddy has in they’re product.

The GoDaddy website builder is honestly not the first option I would recommend for most people, even some of those who still desire some simplicity but not at the cost of this much limitation.

If you are looking to build a quick website to dish out some info so you don’t look like a liar when someone goes to look up the website address on your business card, GoDaddy might be for you as they will make sure your website looks great and does have all the information you want people to know about your business, almost like an afterthought website that’s just there to say your business has a website if you will, and to provide a bit of information.

I know a lot of people reading this are looking for more out of a website for whatever reason on your mind, and if you are someone who is looking to build a website that you will use as your business to eventually make a living on, GoDaddy website builder is 100 and 10% not for you as you will require a lot more flexibility and freedom to be able to create a website for that purpose.

There are plenty of other great choices out there that are maybe not quite as simple as this, but close enough and has leagues more customization than GoDaddy website builder. I would highly suggest checking out WordPress.org for your web design needs, its what I use and have always used since I started my online journey, and I can promise you that the small learning curve you will have to go through is very much worth it to receive the benefits and freedoms that working with an open source website building program like WordPress can offer you.

If you are one of those people I mentioned, someone interested in creating a website in order to start generating an income, I would like to take a moment to point you towards the online trade school Wealthy Affiliate.

WA is an all online based trade school where they focus on teaching students how to build a professional appearing website, how to drive traffic to that website and ultimately how to generate income from that traffic. Its a learning experience to understand how to make money on the internet and you have to force yourself to go through that experience to get what you want on the other site, financial and time freedom.

Just like the GoDaddy website builder, Wealthy Affiliate is free to sign up with no credit card required, so if checking out this online school is something that interests you then check this page out here where I go into some more detail about them.

P.S. they include the WordPress website building program and free hosting for websites on their site, whether you decide to pay for a premium membership or not. FOREVER.

Hopefully I was able to help answer the question, what is GoDaddy website builder?  Let me ask you though, which website builder is currently on the top of your list? Have you ever heard of WordPress or did I introduce you to them for the first time? I am curious what you are thinking, make sure to leave a comment down below for me to read later, it would be very exciting to hear from you!

Thank you for reading,