What Is Fiverr About?

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With the internet growing at the speed it does in today’s modern world, new websites are developed and being developed constantly, all with different ideas and offerings to bring to the table. One type of website has been around for a lot longer than others, and that is the online marketplace.

Ebay was one of the original pioneers of the online marketplace, with many many others taking the concept and running with it, in many cases doing it better than Ebay does even today, like Amazon as an example. One online marketplace I want to talk about today is Fiverr, a really cool concept of a website that offers its users access to many different merchants that offer a large range of services and products.

Read onwards if you want to read my quick(relatively quick) breakdown of the site to help answer the question, what is Fiverr about?

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr as stated is an online marketplace, but unlike most marketplaces that mainly focus on products,  what makes Fiverr so interesting is its big focus on providing freelance services to interested users.

Many different services are available on Fiverr, like photoshop editing, logo design, cartoon character designs, SEO services, content marketing, email marketing services, proofreading and editing, promotional/brand videos, intros and animated logos, voice acting and dubbing, data analysis reports and many more that I won’t bother listing here as I would be writing for quite a long time, and to be honest I kinda assume you get the idea of what I am saying at this point.

A lot of services. I myself have used Fiverr for different business matters such as help with editing and photo gathering, business logos and some SEO consulting as well, with my overall experience being fairly positive.

I am going to try to break up most of this article into two main parts that cover what the two groups of people reading this page need to know, those two groups being the merchant and the user, or the buyer if you will.

What Merchants Need To Know

Photo showing the Fiverr merchant info page

Ok so first things first, if you intend to sell your services on Fiverr then keep in mind that a lot of your sales are going to amount to a net profit of about $3.96 per sale.

In case you don’t know it, Fiverr runs off their slogan of sorts that any service on their site will typically cost $5 to start with, and the client can choose to pay more for quicker service, more detail to this or that and so on for an additional price. The reason I said you would average only $3.96 per sale assuming it’s the minimum gig of $5 is because Fiverr just so happens to cut a nice 20% off the top of whatever you profit through their site. Pretty steep in my opinion, assuming you are still interested in it.

Like I said though, you are definitely not bound to a maximum of $5 gigs, it’s just going to more than likely be the base of your clients, and you need to be able to accept that. If you do have skill, people will be willing to pay for it on Fiverr, trust me when I say that the only thing that would limit you from making more than $3.96 every sale is ultimately you, not the site itself, although to be honest you really would have to work your butt off to make a comfortable living just working on Fiverr, assuming you live in the US or somewhere first world.

If you made a living off Fiverr and lived where I do, the Dominican Republic, making $3.96 average a sale would be great money, so i guess it’s all a matter of perspective right?

You can obviously advertise the link to your Fiverr merchant front on your various social media accounts to get as much clientele as possible, although from what I have heard and read, it’s not unheard of for people who don’t advertise at all to get a decent amount of walk in traffic, meaning customers just stumbled upon their merchant front while searching Fiverr.

It probably wouldn’t be a lot to begin but it would be a start, right? Payment is transferred to your Paypal account upon completion of the gig, something that surprised me as I had read in the past that it took two weeks after completion of the gig to receive payment, so it’s definitely a plus that policy changed.

Last thing to keep in mind is that you have to unlock the ability to charge extra for different gigs past $5 by gaining trust with Fiverr overtime by completing gigs and receiving good feedback from clientele, so it may take a little while to work up to making what you may consider decent money.

What Users Need To Know

Photo showing the different services available on Fiverr

Speaking as someone who has utilized Fiverr a few different times over the last 3 years or so, I have to say that the whole idea of Fiverr really is pretty cool to me.

Being able to source out different aspects of a project or website that I am building to someone who has plenty of experience and is willing to do the work for a decent price is great for me and those who have similar needs. Let’s say you are building a blogging website and want to have short videos or animations to go along with each of your posts, you can hire someone relatively cheap to do it.

A large amount of gigs available on Fiverr do start out at the $5 mark, but most merchants do have more expensive gig options, so if you have something particular in mind that you need handled that would normally cost you a pretty penny, don’t expect to get it done through Fiverr for a measly $5, although chances are you can definitely still get good quality through Fiverr for a cheaper price than a lot of other places you might look for whatever it is you need done.

Keep in mind that as a user you need to make sure to keep your eyes peeled, there really are truly talented artist and professionals who work through Fiverr, but there are also hacks who will steal examples of other people’s work as pass it off as their own. I’ve seen multiple cases where an artist will fill their art portfolio with other designers logos to give off the impression that it’s their own, and when someone goes to order a logo design they get something that isn’t near as quality and impressive as what they have in their example portfolio, or the artist may even steal a logo from a different business, rework it some and sell that to you.

If you are going to hire someone for their service on Fiverr then its my suggestion that you check them and their examples out, read their reviews and google search their examples of their work to make sure it isn’t stolen or plagiarized from someone else, if possible.Most merchants offer 1-3 revisions of the work they provide to you for free before you confirm the purchase, so don’t be shy to tell them how you really feel.

The best part about being a buyer on Fiverr is that you get to review the work you are paying for before you pay it, and if you do not approve of the work then you do not have to pay them.

More often than not you will leave Fiverr content with what you pay for, which a lot of times is going to be $5 dollars. I myself have received service I felt was way beyond the call of duty of $5 on Fiverr, but some people just have good work ethic and skill I guess.

Overall, this is the type of website I would recommend more so for users than I would merchants. If you want to make a living at Fiverr it’s going to take time and it’s going to be a true grind, and you still may not get to where you want to be financially, although the potential is there if you do the right things and build a strong base of clientele.

Fiverr can be a strong and reliable tool to take care of certain things you may need for you or your business, just remember what I said and make sure to read through the merchant reviews and double make sure they are capable of what they want you to think they are capable of.

I want to quickly reach out to those people reading this article that have or had Fiverr in mind to help you get started making money online, if I may.

It is my promise to you that you have another option right in front of you to start making money online, and it’s something you may not even have considered before. Do you have an interest in building a website?

Building a website is still the best way to make good money or even a great living online, and if you asked just about anyone who makes a living on the internet, chances are they will tell you the same thing.

I know a lot of you may be thinking that you don’t know how to build a website or you don’t know how to make money off a website, and that’s ok, neither did I no more than 3 years ago, and nobody who is anybody in the online world started out knowing what to do and how to do it. If you have a fascination with making money online and want to learn more, check out my page where I talk about the online school Wealthy Affiliate, and go over some of the things they have to offer those who want to learn how to make a website/money on the internet.

It’s free to sign up for the school to start and if you decide you want to unlock all the different courses they have to offer then you can pay to do so, but not before you decide if WA is something you want to invest your time, money and energy into.

They break down everything you need to learn to build a website that can generate traffic and money, you just need to learn and implement it for yourself. Check it out here if you want to learn more.

Hopefully this article was able to help answer your question, what is Fiverr about? So what do you think of Fiverr? Is it something you think you will check out for yourself? Or maybe you are a merchant there and would be willing to share your experiences? Whatever the case I hope you leave whatever is on your mind in the comments below for me to ponder, it would really make my day!

Thank you for reading,










10 thoughts on “What Is Fiverr About?

  1. Hi Lorenzo,

    I had a good run on Fiverr for a few months a couple of years ago. I did manage to make some extra money but I also ended up doing much more work than what I was being paid. That is the tricky part about using Fiverr to make money. You don’t want to place yourself in a situation in which you are working much more than what you are earning. I prefer being a user rather than a merchant. Great overview of the service!

    1. I agree, Fiverr is very user heavy in my opinion. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to make any kind of a living through Fiverr, at least no exclusively. Building your own website/blog and advertising your product or service really is the best move in the long term.

  2. Hello,
    thank you for providing an in-depth article and explaining what is Fiverr about. I have been personally using this service for micro-tasks and I am pleased with them. Everything is always on time and everyone can use it to make some pocket cash or even some serious money.

    1. I can’t say all my gigs had been on time but a lot of the merchants are pretty good with getting their work out quickly.

  3. Hi Lorenzo,

    Great post. I had never even heard of Fiverr before I found your site and read this. Thank you for a thorough review of them. Now that I know someone that has actually used them I’m going to look into them myself. I just don’t want to get in over my head. Great post very informative and well written! Thank you Lorenzo

    1. You definitely should check them out, it’s a great place to get cheap graphic designs for your website or business! Pro tip, talk to a couple different merchants at once about whatever it is you want done so you have multiple choices for you to choose from.

  4. I’ve had a lot of experience with fiverr. Most of it was good, but you do get what you pay for. Hiring people takes some keen sense of what your gut instinct is when you do choose someone to tackle your project. Finding a good person to complete your tasks in a timely and professional matter is gold. Once you find them, they will be hired again. Fiverr is good for many projects in my opinion, just not all of them, especially the bigger projects.

    1. Very accurate comment, Rob. It truly is exciting to find someone that can do what you need them to as well as you imagine.

  5. Thanks for your insights into Fiverr. 🙂

    I’ve personally used Fiverr as both a Gig creator and customer. As great it can be for earning some money and buying some cheap Gigs, it’s not all that perfect.

    As a Gigger, I found it hard to gain new customers because I was up against a lot of tough competition. My jobs got clicked on but never had any orders within a 2 week period.

    And as for buying Gigs, there are some awesome ones but there are also poor-quality ones.

    So with Fiverr, you’ve really got to do your homework whether it’s buying or selling.

    I appreciate your review, and some folks may well love Fiverr. 🙂


    1. That sounds pretty spot on, I myself have had mixed experiences with Fiverr but to be honest I still love them, if not for the premise of the website itself.

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