What Is Cratejoy?

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Over the last few years, the concept of websites that provide subscription boxes as their service has basically exploded, with one of the biggest subscription box based websites being LootCrate as an example. LootCrate is a really cool subscription box site that sends its subscribers monthly boxes with all kinds of cool goodies that revolve around nerdy things that so many people love today. The cool thing is, a lot of these websites send randomized items in their monthly boxes that change every month, you could get a box from LootCrate that is Star Wars themed one month, Lord Of The Rings themed the next month and Ghost Buster themed the month after that! You really don’t know what to expect a lot of time and that’s where the true excitement and fun comes from these types of businesses. The thing about LootCrate is that the company LootCrate creates and sends the monthly subscription boxes themselves, which is a good idea if you think about it. Assuming you have the knowledge and experience, you would probably want to go down the path of creating your own website to market and sell your personal subscription boxes, but what about those who want to sell subscription boxes and do not know how to design a website that can generate traffic? Why not check out Cratejoy! What is Cratejoy, you ask? Read onward if you want to find out.

What Is Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is one of the original subscription box marketplaces where anyone can go to set up their own subscription box business, basically allowing anyone who can set up the actual business to be able to earn income through the internet. There are all kinds of different categories to choose from, each filled with many different people selling many different subscription boxes. You can check out Health & Beauty subscription boxes, Geeky subscription boxes, snacks & drinks subscription boxes, fitness subscription boxes, Art & Culture subscription boxes and plenty more to choose from, with each category  being organized into sub categories to better help users find specific types of subscriptions that they are looking for. The time frame that each business sends its boxes varies but they always let you know up front if you are paying for a box that comes once a month, once a week or every quarter. Prices all vary as well, ranging anywhere from $15 a month to $50 a month or more, it all depends on the business you subscribe to and the quality/quantity of the items they send you. I am going to go ahead and write up a quick summary of information that users who are interested in checking out the subscriptions available will want to know and information that people who want to start their own subscription business will want to know as well.

What the Merchant(Subscription Business Owner) Needs To Know


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If you are interested creating your own online subscription box business, the first thing you should know that using a marketplace to build your business is NOT the best option for long term success. If you truly want to create an online business with the potential to yield you a livable income, you should consider looking into building your own website to promote your business. Not to say that beginning your business through Cratejoy is a bad idea, as you can most certainly make money with them, at least you will assuming you provide subscribers with a box of cool stuff that they will want. They do charge a good bit of fees in order to work with them also, a monthly fee of $39(there is a 14 day trial to start beforehand to get your feet wet a bit), a 1.25% + 0.10 cents transaction fee every time you make a sale in addition to credit card fees, and finally a overall 10% fee on your total monthly profits, the reason for this last fee being that Cratejoy lists you on their site in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, and they feel that because of this they deserve a cut. Whether or not these fees are absorbent and many or not is entirely up to you, but just know that people who have or do use Cratejoy have said that other sites who offer similar services end up charging around the same amount in fees, so this type of treatment isn’t going to be all that uncommon just about anywhere you look to begin. As far as what Cratejoy provides, they obviously help take care of safe payment, shipping info to help tell you who you need to ship to next and show you all your existing subscriptions, subscriber info such as the average length someone will remain subscribed to you, a support team you can contact through live chat or email and Ecommerce tools that provide things such as coupon integration, help with taxes and custom shipping prices, all things that are most welcome.

What The Users Need To Know


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Cratejoy is a very cool website. Its one that has tons and tons of different business owners offering their own unique subscription box, so you can just compare prices and pick what interests you. When searching through the different subscription options make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a special seal of approval from Cratejoy themselves called the Cratejoy Powered logo, its there to tell people that specific subscription box business has been verified by Cratejoy to use high quality ingredients and products, and they can be trusted. There is a review system in place to help people make a more informed decision so make sure to always check through MULTIPLE reviews from different users before you make any concrete choices, obviously you can cancel your subscription if you don’t like the type of things that are sent to you from them but researching beforehand will help to save you that first months subscription. Will all that in mind just know that this website is a fantastic place to go gift shopping for friends and loves ones. The amount of interesting, creative businesses that you can subscribe to is many and there is 100% something for everyone you know, from a box with gourmet hot sauces to subscriptions for hand made soaps and skin care products, there is so much to see and choose from! You do need to create a free account with them in order to start subscribing, but to make it easy you can just hook up your Facebook account or Google Plus, and once you get that sorted out you are free to start subscribing to the business of your choice.

I don’t know about you but I plan to check out a few subscription boxes very soon, I saw this really cool subscription box called the “Escape The Crate” which is a subscription that costs $30 every two months and every two months you are sent a new “escape the room mystery game” where you solve puzzles, riddles and find clues to escape the room, sounds really fun right? Well there are many different options just as creative, fun and cool as that one and if I were you I would definitely check out Cratejoy in the future, more so to subscribe to something than to start your own subscription business if anything.

As for those looking to make money creating their own crate of goodies and selling them online I would like to talk specifically to you for a moment. As I mentioned earlier, building your own website is 100% the best option when it comes to making money online. If you want to make any decent kind of money or even a real living on the internet, you are going to have to build a website and learn how to draw traffic. Well at least 95% of you need to, there are some exception of course but you get the point. YOU NEED A WEBSITE! This is where the online school Wealthy Affiliate comes into play. Chances are you have never heard of this site before but its currently one of the biggest trail blazers in the online money making world, they are trail blazers in the sense that they teach people how to build successful websites from start to finish in a very easy to understand way, something you will not find that easy for a decent price. Luckily WA is free to sign up and begin tackling the courses that will teach you how to build your own website and how to generate traffic(get people to visit your site) to make money, so if learning to make a living through the internet is something that interests you then I encourage you to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here on this page.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I want to know if you have ever check out Cratejoy and whether you have any subscription suggestions for me or others reading. If so then I would really love to hear what you have to say, make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “What Is Cratejoy?

  1. I want a program that will help start making $10,000 per month and I can see cratejoy won’t get me that with the effort I’m planning to put in.

    I have also been trying to avoid the programs that require me to create a wwebsite to make money with them. The reason I hate, or rather fear, creating websites is all the techy work that it needs.

    Do you have any alternatives for a person like me?

    1. Building websites doesn’t require near as much tech savviness today as it has in the past, but I understand what you mean. Honestly if you don’t want to create a website in order to reach your goal of $10,000 a month then you will have trouble finding the right opportunity to get where you want to be. You could try writing/creating content for another website but you won’t be making $10,000 a month(more than likely), or maybe try something with YouTube. My best advice to you is to think to yourself what it is that you think you want to do in order to create a source of income using the internet and work forward from there.

  2. Hey there, I just wanna start off by saying I absolutely love your site! It’s got plenty of information on here about cratejoy and it’s very detailed and easy to understand.
    I gotta say before this, I’ve never heard of cratejoy before but I wanna know more.
    So to my understanding, cratejoy is basically an email marketing platform?

    1. Cratejoy is one of many online marketplaces that sellers with goods/skills can go to market their skills/goods to people searching the web. What makes Cratejoy so special is that they offer subscriptions to different people/groups that send weekly, monthly, bi monthly ect… packages with different items. 

  3. Thanks for a very clear explanation of Cratejoy, which I knew nothing of, before.
    As I read through your article I was rattling ideas through my head, then I looked at the Cratejoy (UK) website and, of course, most of them have already been done.
    I really like that Cratejoy does the promotion side but it leaves me with 2 burning question:
    1. Does Cratejoy do the fulfilment and postage? Or is that up to yourself?
    Obviously small light packages would be cheap enough to send by letter post but I saw some subscriptions involving bottles and that can be expensive to send.
    2. How do they know what your “profits” are? To take 10% of nothing cannot be a good deal for them.

    I saw someone concerned with the technicalities of building a website. You are right. It is a learning process and most people will find it straight forward after having done the first one.
    Still rattling brains out for a good monthly goody box.
    Must be something no-one else is doing.
    Thanks again for a well informed article.

  4. I had look into the Cratejoy marketplace as a potential selling platform but withdraw from the idea after I discovered a few setbacks.

    Firstly, their website builder is extremely basic and doesn’t allow any customization. Secondly, the competition in the marketplace is huge and I wonder how one business can stand out among the crowd.

    The third is obviously the transaction fees. I just don’t see how this would work out for the long term, sharing profit with the marketplace, when I could be earning more.

    I like the idea of building your own business website and although there might be a bit of a learning curve (what doesn’t, right?), growing your own audience through targeted traffic will build more brand loyalty.

    1. I think the concept is really, really cool but if you want to sell these types of crates to consumers I would definitely agree that building up your own audience with your own website is the way to go.

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