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If you ended up on this page and are currently reading this then chances are you are tossing the dream/idea back and forth in your mind of figuring out how to start making a living online, or depending on the person you could be a step even further and imagining what it would be like to start making a living online through passive income so you don’t have to always work to make money, somehow it will just be happening for you.

Let me just go ahead and set the tone real quick, what I am talking about with you today is not a product, not a get rich quick scheme or a blueprint to make a passive 6 figure income in 2 months.

If you feel that hard up for time and are in that much of a hurry to get to where you want to be then this isn’t for you.

What I am talking about today is in actuality a true online school, or a type of online college, kind of like those specialized trade schools you hear advertised online and on TV or the radio. If you are interested in learning how to make a legitimate living online by building a website, and I really emphasize the learning part because that’s what it is, like going back to school but better because it isn’t going to take thousands of dollars and years of training, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to read onward.

What is it?

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Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is a large(yet somewhat little known) website and online community of entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and website designers where those who want to learn how to be an affiliate marketer or website designer can go.

Just about everything you would need to learn about how to create and maintain a website along with with the tools you would need are all available within Wealthy Affiliate including the ability to create free wordpress ready websites within literally 45 seconds.

Not only do they have a massive community of over 800,000 people who are all busy trying to get help and help others with their needs, but they also offer full training courses on everything someone would need to know to be able to properly create, manage and optimize their website, a good amount of info and a few of the courses are accessible within the free membership, so you can check out what they have to offer without pulling out a card to pay.

When you check out the front of their site, there is even a little side bar that is telling you in real time all kinds of different activity going on within WA, from new websites being created to questions being asked and answered, new training being created and posted, new members who just joined or introduced themselves for the first time and so on, its actually pretty nifty and really helps to highlight how alive and active the community is.

In the photo I used above you can see just within the span of one minute someone asked a question within the community, someone else answered a question and helped someone within the community, someone just signed up and joined the community and someone who just signed up and joined WA just introduced themselves to the community.

Check it out real quick to see a live example for yourself and come back if you want to see what I mean, I find it to be  a simple but really brilliant way to prove how alive your community is, and since the WA community is one of if not the biggest pillar upon which WA is supported by, having a way to prove it to newcomers on the front page of your site just seems like a good idea.

Who Would Benefit From This?

The best way to describe Wealthy Affiliate is to think of it as a swiss army knife for web designers. It’s a tool, and a handy one at that. It’s my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to start for anyone trying to make headway in the online marketing/web design world.

Id say that the coolest part about Wealthy Affiliate is in fact the amount of comprehensive web training that is offered to you, even if you decide not to become a paying premium member there is still resources available to you.

This is the type of place I would suggest to those of all skill levels, as it has much to offer no matter where you are in your online entrepreneur venture whether it’s tools, peer review and assistance or hosting, not just knowledge.

Training/Tools Offered

Photo showing some of the Wealthy Affiliate Tools

If you decided to become a paying member, the amount of information available to you will be somewhat overwhelming(it was when I first started). Do not let yourself become overwhelmed and stop all together as a result, that is the worst thing you can do!

Everything you would need to know is there on WA, from teachings on content creation and keyword searching tricks to community forum posts on SEO(Search Engine Optimization, very important aspect to website building) and social media marketing.

There are some interesting tools at your disposal including a keyword searching tool built into the site that can show you how many searches certain words or phrases are getting on search engines, useful to me when i’m trying to decide the best way to word content.

Not to mention a 24/7 live chat in the community where you can get quick responses to questions you might have that you can’t wait to just post and get a response on the forum or go through the courses and training to find out. They also have weekly live video training classes where they teach something different every time revolving around showing you something that will help you to build a successful website.

The live video training always has one nugget of information that I find helpful, whether its how to do effective keyword research, how to structure written content, how to get your YouTube videos to rank high, tips for affiliate marketing success from affiliate marketing big wigs(maybe not that big of a wig but if you are making 7 figures through affiliate marketing/website creation then your wig is pretty big to me) and many other various topics, and every single one I have ever watched was at least somewhat humorous, always relaxed and easy to follow.

Tech Support Available

I can tell you after personal experience with the support team that they are very responsive and useful. Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 365 days a year support, so any problem you have as far as technical issues should really be a non issue in a short amount of time, just go through the process of submitting a ticket.

Interestingly enough, premium members have the ability to message each other in the community so if you had any questions or concerns, the owner of the website actively encourages people to message him directly about those questions or concerns, or anything else really. One time I messaged him and we tossed a couple keyword ideas for my website back and forth, he really is a cool guy, or at least he portrays it well.

Free Wealthy Affiliate members do not have the ability to message as it is considered a premium option, but when you create your free account you have complete premium access to the site for the first 7 days so you could get some questions answered then if you would like.

What’s The Cost?

The price for the premium membership is either $19.00 for the first month to try out premium and $47.00 a month after that, or you can buy a yearly subscription in one lump sum of $369.00, bringing the price down to the equivalent of $30.00 for each month, which is a great deal considering on top of all the training and tools you receive, you also get access to wordpress included with the subscription, something you normally would have to pay for monthly separately.

Honestly I totally understand that $47.00 a month isn’t the cheapest bill there is to have on your statement if you aren’t making much to begin with, but what you need to remember is you are not just enrolling in an online school with a vibrant community of scholars, but you are also paying for everything you need to build and maintain a website including wordpress, security, tech support and servers for hosting your site, all in one.

Other sites offering similar programs will charge you more monthly on top of charging you for other packages of training and tools, something that you don’t have to deal with at WA, only a monthly subscription. I remember back when I first started doing research to decide what my best option was for learning how to build websites, and after almost joining other programs out there I decided to dig even deeper(thank God) and found WA, an all in one package where they taught me AND gave me all the tools I needed to begin and succeed in the online world for less than $50.00 a month, something that didn’t seem to be offered anywhere else online, and really still isn’t today.

My Free Membership Sign-up Bonus

One thing that should be obvious to you about me and my site is the fact that I am an affiliate marketer, and I market things on my site for a living.

I want to make sure I clarify something real quick just in case I am not being clear, WA is not a program where you sign up and basically just go around recruiting other people to sign up and that’s how you make your money. As I said it is a school where the primary focus is teaching you how to build a website of any kind that you want, for the purpose of whatever you have in mind, the second focus is to teach you how to make money off the website you build, no matter what it is about.

I am an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, but you need to understand that what I am telling you about WA is all the truth, not exaggerations meant to sell you, because I don’t have to try to sell you, I just need to sit here and tell you the truth and let you make your decision.

I can write a review on a program or product, tell you that you shouldn’t buy it or I didn’t like it, and still be an affiliate for that product so I can profit off those who don’t take my word and just decide to spring for whatever I am reviewing anyways.

The point being I am honest about a product or service, whether or not I have an interest in you paying for it, and I am being honest with you when I say that Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic, one of a kind community that you need to try out for yourself, free of charge.

I want to encourage you to go to Wealthy Affiliate now and sign up for a free membership. There is no payment info required to set it up, so it really is free to try. If you decide to go and sign up today, I promise you that I will personally send you a message within 2 hours(probably sooner) of signing up and give you special access to two webinars that are normally not accessible to free members.

These two webinars are roughly 90 minutes long each and just two of many available to premium members, each covering topics meant to further advance you and your affiliate marketing goals. With these two webinars and the beginners course available to you, you should receive enough information to begin building the foundation of your new site and help to decide whether or not you think the Wealthy Affiliate community is for you.

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion, based off my own experiences with the training, tools and community, the definitive choice for both training and tools needed for building any website.

Its community is 800,000+ strong as I said, with thousands online at all times, many of whom are equipped with the knowledge and the interest to help you with any questions or concepts that you need help with.

I don’t recommend this site as the best choice overall just because I am apart of the community, it’s what I recommend because it genuinely is just a powerful and unique site complete with the best website building platform(wordpress) and hosting capabilities, all the information and courses you could possibly need to build a successful online business, and some of the brightest minds in the affiliate world to help you along your journey all for around the same price or cheaper than any other online school or community on the web.

I 100% recommend anyone looking to learn how to become an affiliate marketer or website designer to check out Wealthy Affiliate before you make a decision on where you will learn, as I have already emphasised, the community that Wealthy Affiliate offers is a true gem, something you will not find anywhere else on the web.

If you feel like you have a better suggestion for where to go to learn or maybe you just joined Wealthy Affiliate and are learning how the community works and want to share your experiences so far, either way I would love to hear from you, leave a comment down below with anything that is on your mind!



17 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Hi, Lorenzo.
    Just reading your review, I really like the mood you set. I’m also part of Wealthy Affiliate, and I do agree. The support and helpfulness of the community are really motivating in creating your website. It’s a really great review.

    1. The thing that really makes being an affiliate for WA is its a community I actually believe in, its nothing like I have ever encountered so far on the web. Glad to hear you are a member yourself Roweida, thanks for taking the time to read my review!

  2. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I struggled to make money online. Thank goodness I found Wealthy Affiliate where I learned how to really make money online with a legitimate business.

    Like building any real business, it does take time to do it right, but the rewards are phenomenal. I’ll never forget the weekend my website made $500 while I was on a camping trip.

  3. I love your detailed review and that you are honest about promoting WA cause honestly it is the best community place to be for affiliate marketing. Extremely powerful tools though here indeed. Great post!

    1. I am glad so many people who have experience with WA are willing to comment on my overview. I think I might have seen you make a post or two in the community before funny enough, thank you for taking the time to read through some of my content.

  4. Great review, Lorenzo!
    Your review was very honest and to the point, while providing enough detail to guide anyone wishing to learn more to the right places at Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I just try to be honest, and honestly I love WA. It’s the online school I needed for a long time, thank God I joined when I did instead of procrastinating……

  5. Hi Lorenzo,
    When I joined WA, I was very happy with the training. I had been searching for a great training platform without all the upsells. With Wealthy Affiliate, the weekly webinars and the step-by-step courses are hands down one of the best I’ve experienced.

    I hope everyone takes note of your review and checks it out for themselves. I think once they enter the site, they will see exactly what you have written in your review.

    Much success to you!

    1. I had the same experience back when I started, the training was simple as easy to follow. The hard part really just is the follow through and consistency of time and effort you have to put in to get to where you want to be. I am glad I didn’t give up when I first started it, I would have regretted it until the day I die for giving up on something I knew I could do, and I was right that I could do it. Thank you got leaving your feedback Cindy, I really appreciate your kind words.

  6. Neville…I was really impressed with the arguments you gave for why WA is such a great platform for doing business on the net . I was searching for something and just stumbled on to Wealthy Affiliate and my eyes opened immediately.I also liked the way in which you laied your material out your material and your facts and as you said pictures are so important ,they speak volumes . On that you did a good job and i would commend you on a job well done.

  7. I’ve tried a number of affiliate training platforms (some poor-quality and some over-complicated) but Wealthy Affiliate looks like the ultimate internet marketing community to be a part of.

    It really is fantastic to know I can get everything I need for a successful online business at one monthly/yearly fee (with no upsells).

    I will certainly signup for my WA starter account.

    1. You are making a good choice Neil, you will find the keys to success within the virtual halls of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope to see you soon and thank you for reading!

  8. Hello there! I’m a student and I’m finding a part time job online. I read good things about wealthy affiliate and I’m interested of trying it. I have plenty of spare time but I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. But after I read your article I think I’m ready to try wealthy affiliate. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. I would highly recommend you check them out and sign up for a free profile if you have the spare time and the interest, it truly is a unique online school unlike any other! I like to call it an all online trade school, because thats exactly what it is. Thanks for reading!

  9. As a WA member for 3 years now, I am beginning to see the value that I am paying for here. Newbies are going to look at the membership price like a heavy price tag and that’s understandable.

    But if you compare to university curriculum that charge you 3K per semester or other expert-facilitated courses that also sell for 4 figures (for a much shorter duration of time), you’ll be very thankful for what WA has to offer here.

    They evolve better than so many traditional teaching out there, even I find it hard to keep up with their progress sometimes. But it’s all good because we are constantly and if you want to become a successful online entrepreneur, that’s one attitude you cannot neglect.

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