Sitelio Review

What Is It

Sitelio is a site that’s main function is to provide 3 important services to website owners, hosting, domain and website platform. While those 3 are the main 3 things that Sitelio offers, they offer a good amount of additional services, for a price.

Read onwards if you want to understand more about this site and whether investing time with them is even a good idea.

Who Is It For


Sitelio is a web service geared towards, well, anyone who is looking to create and maintain a website, so just about anyone who is more than likely reading this article.

To be fair, they market this more so towards beginners as they claim that the website building platform they provide is very user friendly and comes with plenty of different site templates to choose from, and also a drag a drop feature for website building, making it even easier for beginner web designers to more easily build their site.

Thats kind of the thing though, a lot of their subscribers are just that, newbies who don’t know about other, cheaper and more trust worthy alternatives to turn to when it comes to just about ANYTHING that Sitelio has to offer, keep reading to understand what I mean.

Tools/Services Offered

As I pointed out, the main three services that are provided by Sitelio are hosting, domain and website platform for building sites. As far as their site builder is concerned, it has generally positive feedback such as praise for its ease of use and its many different themes and templates.

In addition they offer more services for an extra fee each, further racking up the price. The additional services include offering to send in your pages that you create directly to search engines so they more quickly index them for an additional $50 a year, a social media enhancer where they basically give you a social following(this is 100% not something you should spend money on) for $50 a year, the option to increase the speed of your site by upgrading you to better servers for $24 a year, a security feature for your website for $30 a year and an option to list your site on directories to increase traffic for $47 a year, among a couple other offers.

Unfortunately, based off multiple reviews from past patrons of Sitelio, some of the additional services offered such as the social following booster and the offer to send pages to google for quicker indexing are considered bad investments, citing that the social media following they provide for you isn’t genuine or organic(making it have none or negative effects on you and your site) and the service of sending pages to google for indexing is something that can be done easily by yourself FOR FREE if you have a google account.

Tech/Customer Support

Based on what past subscribers turned reviewers had to say about customer service, I can report to you with a sense of confidence that their customer service is between horrible/standard at best.

Supposedly the support team available, while said to be useful at certain times, is widely considered not all that supportive generally, and that’s not the worst part.

The biggest flaw Sitelio seems to suffer from is the constant complaints of unauthorized credit card charges, with users claiming that Sitelio would add things to their shopping cart or add services to their monthly bill without the consent of the buyer.

What Is The Cost

The base subscription to Sitelio comes in three different packages, the “Simple” package which costs $6 a month and as the name suggests comes with simple offerings like hosting and domain, the “Captivating” package which costs $7 a month and comes with everything the Simple package offers plus”SEO help” and the ability to take payment through your website, and the final package which is the “Outstanding” package which costs $12 a month and in addition to everything else offered from the other packages you also get priority support.

Keep in mind all of these packages obviously come with the software to build a sleek, well designed website.  In addition to these prices are the add on services which I mentioned above, earlier in this review.  

Final Thoughts

Look I am going to be blunt with you on this one, do not waste your money with Sitelio.

What they provide to you is something that can be found all over the web, they offer nothing that is unique to them and on top that they seem to be terrible when it comes to debit card charges and refunding, something that is a sign of a potential scam.

That’s not the end of their shadiness though, after looking around reading other people’s reviews and opinions on Sitelio I learned there are not one but TWO dublicate sites, named Siteblog and websitebuilder, that are ran by the exact same people selling essentially the exact same product with either little or no variation whatsoever.If that doesn’t wave a red flag right in your face then I am not sure what would.

If you want to read some real user experiences I recommend checking this review out and reading some of the comments on the bottom, there seems to be a lot of people who believe this company is a complete sham, although whether or not it is a true scam is debatable.

It is my opinion that you should avoid Sitelio and its services indefinitely as the negativity surrounding it is too much to ignore. As I mentioned earlier, there are so many other options out there for website builders and hosting, along with alternatives to just about anything this second rate website has to offer, so crossing this one off your list shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Look, if you want the chance to work with a website building platform that is every bit as easy to use and quality as sitelio, then I really do suggest you check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, the online school that taught me how to build websites and market online.

They offer everything Sitelio does in addition to the best training you can get on website building and affiliate marketing, and the best part is that they are a very highly trusted site with literally hundreds of thousands of members. I  confidently challenge you to find a negative review of Wealthy Affiliate, knowing full well you could google search for hours and probably not come up with much negativity to speak of, and there is a reason for that.

Please make sure to leave a comment down below! Let me know if you have ever used Sitelio(Websitebuilder/Siteblog) and tell me about your own personal experiences with the site, I would be very interested to hear more about it.

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