My Mobile Money Pages Review

What Is it

My Mobile Money Pages is a website peddling a product that can create very basic, simple sites that are supposedly meant to quickly start generating you upwards of hundreds a day.

Is this as good of an investment as they want you to believe? Or is this another false promise by another shyster online affiliate based company, hoping to prey on all those they can before shutting down and moving on to their next scam? Keep reading if you want to hear my opinion.

Who Is This For

When I say “who is this for” what I mean is who really would benefit from this, and the answer is nobody.

I hate to sound biased but I promise you I am being 100% honest, this is not the right option for any would be affiliate marketer or experienced affiliate.

This whole program is blatantly trying to take advantage of people with some money to spend that do not know any better so they buy into the hype, suggesting that all you need to start making money are the simple tools My Money Pages(MMP) provides to create simplistic websites with essentially no original content.

Training/Tools Offered

Buying the program will grant you access to the main two tools of MMP, the keyword interceptor and the AM content cloner which both work together to give you the finished product. I will try to give a brief overview of both tools so you get a better idea just how bad of an idea giving this company your money really is.

Keyword Interceptor

One of the two tools given to you is the keyword interceptor, which functions essentially as the name suggests, as a program that can take a keyword you give it and find a list of related keywords that are supposedly profitable within that niche. This tool in itself is not abnormal, plenty of different programs and sites offer their own keyword search tool or some variation, it’s when combined with the second tool that you start to see why i’m not too crazy about these guys.

AM Content Cloner

Using the keywords given to it by the keyword interceptor, the AM content cloner takes those keywords and scrapes content together from various other sites using these keywords to create the content for your MMP site, if you want to call what this program really generates a site, that is. They are very small sites with no more than 3 pages or so, showing that content is not king in the eyes of Andrew Davidson, something that a lot of the top affiliate marketers today would argue is wrong.

Now, I am fairly certain most people reading this article are already familiar with this basic web design rule but I am going to talk to the few here that are new to website building and affiliate marketing and explain something that will make total sense when I do.

Buying a program to auto generate 2-3 page websites that are just filled with content copied from other people’s sites is going to do nothing other than waste your time and sap your energy, belief and hope that you can make money online, because you 100% cannot make any money online doing this for more than a short period of time.

This concept of website building is extremely outdated, and should not be taken seriously in any way in today’s online world.

Google has become smarter and more aware than ever before, being able to see right through simple tricks like “spun content” where you just copy someone else’s content and just change a word here or there systematically. If you do you will be caught by google sooner rather than later and be basically taken out of the search results, forcing you to go back to the drawing board after spending X amount of money and X amount of time.

Tech Support

As far as support goes for this program, it’s pretty bad honestly. I have read reviews from multiple people who have bought this product and could not for the life of them get a response from anyone on issues they may have had.

There is only one email to contact only and as I have said, for whatever reason it is like pulling teeth to get a peep out of the support team.

What’s The Cost

To purchase the main program from MMP it will cost a total of $40, but keep in mind there are a few upsells that come as soon as you pay such as a $197 upsell where the owner, Andrew Davidson, offers you his do it for you web service where they create a website in a profitable niche of your choice for you.

I also had read that they offer a $67 monthly membership to their members area, although there isn’t much there, a few videos of content and some PDF files of mostly outdated info.e

$40 is an ok price in general, but considering you get nothing of value in return no matter what you buy from this company, I would say any price is too high.

Final Thoughts

The My Mobile Money Pages program is a scam through and through, and it would therefore be a disservice to yourself to invest any of your valuable time or hard earned money on this company.

There is nothing offered here that isn’t offered anywhere else, many by other scammers. They offer no real knowledge of how to build websites and be an effective affiliate marketer, neither do they offer access to any tools that can help you succeed in any way for more than a very short period of time if at all.

There is no real support from the creator of the products and services, and I have read from multiple people talking about having a hard time getting a refund. This program is outdated and outright harmful to your career as an affiliate marketer and should be lost to the deepest corners of your mind, never to be found ever again.

There are many services and products out there that deserve your time and money so much more than this pile of garbage. Why not check out the review of the online school program, Wealthy Affiliate, which taught me everything I know about building sites and marketing through affiliate programs.

It is a %1o0 trustworthy learning program with up to date courses on just about everything you need to know to build a successful online business from the ground up, the right way, so you can gain true success and self empowerment. I could go on about the legitimate benefits you get with Wealthy Affiliate, but just know it is free to sign up and take the beginners course which will teach you how to begin building your website from scratch, while also providing you free wordpress websites to create and host on their private servers. Make sure to check out my review if you want to learn more.

Please consider leaving a comment down below, I am always curious what you think. Whether you have been unfortunate enough to kill your time with this terrible company or maybe you have a better product in mind that has helped you? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “My Mobile Money Pages Review

  1. Hi, Lorenzo.
    This was interesting, I haven’t even come across such a program yet. At least now I know that it’s a scam before I encounter it. Better safe than sorry. Thank you so much for the review.

    1. You would do well to avoid products and services that promise as much as MMP when what the service is offering is as basic as this. They try to make it seem like all you need to succeed is their tools, and that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Thank you for taking the time to read!

  2. Hi Lorenzo,
    I’ve never heard of MMP before. Your first paragraph was enough to convince me this was a scam. I don’t know how people continue to get away with this kind of stuff. I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and it is definitely legit. I enjoyed this review. Thanks for the heads up.

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