Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Hello everyone, today we are going to be looking at a popular keyword research tool called Jaaxy. The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is hyped up fairly high to an extent, so I had to find out why as I really don’t have a keyword tool of my own that I can say I love, or rather I didn’t.

Jaaxy has a few features that make it interesting to me, including a modern, streamlined affiliate program that is admittedly really cool. Read on if you want to learn exactly why it is that the Jaaxy Keyword Tool is now my favorite affiliate marketing/content creation tool.

What Is It

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool with multiple uses a couple of features which I regularly take advantage of anymore, including the ability to see what the average independent searches are monthly for a keyword, all related keywords and phrases to the source keyword, the ability to see the average amount of traffic you will receive if you rank on the first page for a keyword, the ability to see how many other sites out there are ranked for the exact keyword, the quality of the keyword itself, and an overall score from 1-100 for that keyword indicating your chances of ranking on the first page for that keyword.

Who Would Benefit From This

Honestly this is the type of tool that I can confidently recommend to literally anyone involved in affiliate marketing/web design, it’s just that great of a program.

It has all the main things you require in a keyword research tool, and gives it to you in an easy to understand and read fashion. I myself have found some very sweet nuggets of quality keywords since I started using the Jaaxy keyword tool, which is the main reason I fell in love with this tool.

It’s so easy to find the best keywords for your niche, meaning you will have plenty of content ideas to generate all that free traffic!

Training/Tools Offered

Jaaxy undoubtedly has one of the easiest to use, most detailed keyword research tools out there, but Jaaxy does more than just keyword research.

There is the site rank section where you run an analysis on either your site or your competitors and see where both you and the competition rank for whatever keyword you put into the search bar. You have the ability to make quick and easy keyword lists for future reference as well.

High traffic, low competition keywords are a true commodity within the affiliate learning game, I myself have seen the power of discovering a high quality keyword with very little competition, and it truly can do wonders for your sites traffic.

There is the brainstorm function which is an area of the Jaaxy site where you can see recent searches and trends from various sites such as Twitter, Google Trends, Amazon’s bestseller list, Yahoo Buzz and another site I may be missing. This section is basically there to just help spark ideas for new content on your site, the ideas there a lot of times are not going to be relevant to you however, so brainstorm really won’t be a big part of why you would like Jaaxy.

The last big function of the Jaaxy keyword tool is the alphabet soup section, where you can take a root keyword and dig up tons of new related keywords to your niche, starting from the first letter of the alphabet to the last if desired. This alphabet soup technique actually isn’t something that you need Jaaxy to do, Jaaxy just added it to their site functions to make it easier on you.

One last small feature worth mentioning, the Jaaxy keyword tool even comes with two training videos to watch, each roughly 20 minutes long going over both the fundamentals of efficient keyword research and site analysis, so you better understand how to fully utilize the tools that Jaaxy provides.

The Cost

The price of Jaaxy is great in my opinion, $19 a month for the pro membership and $49 for the enterprise membership.

The main differences between the two memberships are that certain pieces of information are provided to you automatically instead of having to search for it manually, quicker site ranking speed and overall program speed, with the last big difference being more provided search results for the alphabet soup section. I can’t really tell you if the enterprise membership is actually worth the price, but I can tell you that the pro membership is a great deal that just about anyone can afford and get plenty of use out of, me being one of those people.

The pro membership is the one I would recommend to most people, unless you are making plenty of money and have lots of experience with affiliate marketing, then maybe you would find more value in the perks of the enterprise membership, but for most people the pro membership is without a doubt the best option in value.

One awesome thing about Jaaxy is that they allow people to sign up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP that allows you to search up to 30 keywords and see how powerful Jaaxy can really be for your keyword research. There is no payment info required to set up this free account, just an email and password, so you can use Jaaxy freely and decide if it’s something you would like to start using permanently.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned something at the beginning of this review, something I want to talk about briefly before you go. The Jaaxy keyword tool offers one of the most modern, streamlined affiliate programs I have seen in recent memory. When you sign up for any membership, even the free one, you are automatically part of the Jaaxy affiliate program.

You can immediately select the affiliate program tab at the top menu and be directed to the Jaaxy affiliate page and grab your own affiliate link to add to the content on your site. Jaaxy will split the commission with you 50/50 of anyone who signs up using your affiliate link, meaning you can introduce two of your affiliate marketing acquaintances to the Jaaxy keyword tool and basically get the tool for free at that point, depending on what membership you pay for and what membership they pay for.

I myself already use Jaaxy for free thanks to this awesome and simple affiliate program, all I did was show 3 or 4 of my friends and a couple decided to sign up for themselves.

Jaaxy is a no brainer for me as an affiliate marketer. If you have never tried Jaaxy I 100% recommend that you go now and sign up for your free account to try the Jaaxy keyword tool out for yourself.

If you don’t feel like paying for it, just sign up for the free account and start spreading your affiliate link around, it’s not going to be that hard to convince an affiliate marketer to sign up for this program themselves. Here, you can even try it out for yourself real quick right here:

If you are new to affiliate marketing/web design and are looking for a place to learn to how to spread your wings, I suggest checking out my Wealthy Affiliate review. Wealthy Affiliate is the online school that got me started in the affiliate marketing world, and I think you should consider giving Wealthy Affiliate that honor as well. Keep in mind that just like Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership that you can sign up for to go through the beginners course and see what the Wealthy Affiliate community is like.

Please leave a comment down below with your own thoughts. Have you tried out the Jaaxy keyword tool before? How did you like it? Maybe you have a different, possibly better tool to suggest? Let me know down below as I would love to hear from you.

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