InstaEasy Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at a sort of niche product called InstaEasy, a interesting program meant to help create an instagram following to then market to and profit from.

This is a rather interesting product to me as I already have experience with the same concept that InstaEasy follows, having dealt with similar programs before for something totally different than online marketing.

This program is certainly worth some people’s time, but what you need to know is it may not be right for you. Please read on if you want to hear my overall opinion of InstaEasy.

What Is It

InstaEasy is a web-based program that can link with up to 3 of your Instagram profiles and run them on autopilot for you 24/7, like a bot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Instagram just note that you are not alone, I am not an Instagram affiliate marketer myself and do not use it personally, although it is considered one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, making it prime for certain forms of marketing.

Just to go over it real quick for those who really haven’t heard of it or just don’t really know much about it, Instagram is a social media platform that primarily revolves around people posting different photos and videos(mainly photos though) for others who follow your profile to like, comment on or even share on their profile for their followers to see as well.

This program is pretty strong at its core if you ask the majority of its user base, but there is a couple important things about this product that need to be discussed, things I am going to get more into detail about now.

Who Would Benefit From This

In case you didn’t notice my wording from a couple moments ago, I was being honest when I referred to the InstaEasy program as a niche product, it’s niche being Instagram social marketing, something that doesn’t fall in line with some people’s online business model as many don’t use instagram for their business. This is also not for someone who is just starting their Instagram social marketing profile as this bot requires a profile with a decent base of posted content, followers and some people that you follow as well to work off of.

One thing about InstaEasy that I think is really cool is the fact that its completely web-based, meaning its not a program that needs to be downloaded onto your computer and ran 24/7, making it much more of a convenience if you ask me.

The point of this program is to build you an organic Instagram following, and it does this fairly well to be honest, but it cannot actually communicate with your follower base, so you will have to take the time to talk to and gain trust with your following with positive and insightful responses if you want to actually be able to get them to buy what you sell,  so unless you plan to nercher and and grow the trust of the following this program creates for, then this is going to be a waste of $47 a month for you, please keep that in mind.


As far as training is concerned there really isn’t any, although there are a couple videos to help you learn how to properly use the bot, if that counts.

Ok so the bot works like this, you hook it up to your 1-3 Instagram profiles and then just adjust the setting of the bot, essentially writing out its guidelines. What you do to start the setup process is input the hashtags of whatever your niche is, the names of any of your competitors within your niche, and your own hashtags, then select different parameters for things such as liking photos, the people you follow or whether or not you want to unfollow someone after a certain amount of time that they still haven’t followed you back, and other particulars.

There are four different modes to choose from for your bot, beginner, slow, normal and fast, with beginner following up to 436 profiles and liking 432 posts per day, slow following up to 720 profiles and liking up to 864 posts per day, normal following 864 profiles and liking 1008 posts a day and fast following up to 1008 profiles and liking up to 1296 posts per day.

For maximum effectiveness, it is best to start with the lowest speed setting assuming you have a beginner’s account, and just try to build it up over time, moving up to the faster speeds as your following grows.

The Cost

Surprisingly, InstaEasy doesn’t offer any upsells after you sign up for the initial product, which means you will be looking at a flat monthly fee of $47 a month to use this program in its entirety.

If you want my opinion on whether or not it’s worth the money, my answer is going to have to be yes.

The price is worth it if you have what it takes to get the value out of the product, which means you need to be an Instagram affiliate marketer what a profile base to build off of.

Final Thoughts

I would have to say my big problem with this program is the fact that they really try to hype this thing up as a money churning machine that can make you money quick, and it just doesn’t work like that.

Not to say that you can’t make good money off this bot after putting in the time effort to build your followings trust as I mentioned previously, but it’s going to take time, months or possibly even longer before you see the money you probably want.

In conclusion I would recommend to those who are trying to gain traction marketing on Instagram to try out InstaEasy, it may be what you have been looking for to build up your profile.

If you are just starting out your online affiliate marketing career and are still trying to learn the ropes I invite you to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review as it’s a perfect starting point for beginners to build their affiliate marketing/web design base and start their online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate is a great central hub not just for beginners though, so if you haven’t then check out Wealthy Affiliate as they have much to offer a budding affiliate marketer.


Do you use Instagram to help market your business or for personal use? Or do you even use it at all? Please leave a comment down below with anything you have on your mind, maybe you have tried out InstaEasy yourself and would like to share your opinion! Please let me know as I am always interested.

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