Constant Profits Club Review

Constant Profits Club Review

What Is It

The Constant Profits Club is a high dollar 10 week training course meant to take someone from having basically no experience creating profitable sites or making money online in general and  teach them how to start making money online as quickly as the first day.

This program is said to be pretty useful for those who are able to invest in it, so if you want to learn more then keep reading forward.

Who It For

This is a course for people who are trying to break into the online money making/affiliate marketing world. It is 10 weeks long with a 2 hour live webinar once every week from the two guru’s who teach the course, Andrew Hansen  and Sara Young.

Each of these 10 webinars are typically praised for having some gold nuggets of information that helps the students in various ways of positivity, so there is most certainly some interesting information to be learned in this course, some strategies that possibly not many others know.

Training Offered

Along with the 10, 2 hour webinars your money also gets you 100 or so training videos varying in length teaching and reviewing on a number of different topics including niche research, SEO tips, content writing training for conversions, building a social media presence, keyword targeting, how to build a list, understanding how to effectively sell popular products others already sell and more.

From what I have read it seems that one of the first things they teach you is where you can go online to make decent money freelance writing for websites, which is definitely a fascinating idea to make quick cash, and with testimonials that people have made money in a little as 3 hours into the lesson I think some interest might be understandable, I know that peeks my interest.

Tech Support

The support for this course is as how it should be for  the price, very high quality. One of the most respectable and coolest parts about this course is the teachers giving the students complete access to them anytime for any help they may need progressing along building their sites. Along with this there is a facebook group and a forum, both exclusive to the students of Constant Profits, and an entire private team you can pay to hire to do certain aspects of the work that you don’t want to do, whatever it may be.

Something else that they offer which I would suggest to be wary of is a source of supposed “strong” backlinks that will help your rankings in google, but as everyone knows in the 2017 SEO world, not only do backlinks no longer play as big of a factor when it comes to getting good rankings in search engines they also can get your site basically destroyed if google decides it doesn’t like your backlinks.

Roughly 30% of what this course covers has to do with backlinking so I really do want to express caution with these lessons if you actually did decide this program is for you.

The Cost

If you have read this far I would imagine you noticed my foreshadowing of sorts when it came to the price, and I mean what I have been insinuating, the price for this course is pretty steep.

In order to be one of Andrew and Sara’s pupils you first will have to drop $2000 burning a hole in your pockets, and unfortunately there is a somewhat decent chance the majority of people who find this site and specifically this article really can’t afford that kind of money.

The weird thing is with all the reviews out there online for this course, none of them seem to really talk about the price too much(probably because a good amount of the reviews are affiliates trying to sell you this course), and whether its really worth a price tag like that.

As far as whether it’s really worth the price, I would have to say that it really just depends on the individual situation, but as an example, if you were down to your last $3000 dollars, I wouldn’t recommend dropping 2/3 of your money, the reason being there are equal or maybe even better alternatives.

 Final Thoughts

Look there is no denying Andrew and Sara are offering a very interesting course with some seemingly powerful info that can 100% be beneficial to just about anyone lucky enough to be taught it, but the problem is that being the price is so high, it’s only going to be beneficial to those who can afford it and even then there is no real indicator to say whether the course is worth the money or not, you would just have to decide that for yourself. If you have a good amount of money saved then I wouldn’t blame you for maybe digging a little deeper and seeing if it’s really going to be worth it.

As for me, I don’t really think it would be a wise investment if you are going to miss that money, and as I said before there are great alternatives. The online school that taught me how to become an affiliate marketer/website designer offers training of equally high quality at a fraction of the price, they even have weekly webinars in similar fashion to the ones found in this course.

And the best part?

It’s completely free to sign up with this school, they offer an entire course to get you started building a website foundation from scratch, and if you decide you like it you can subscribe to gain access to the countless other courses that all cover various topics about affiliate marketing and web design.

I would personally recommend that you check out the page dedicated to talking about this online school where I highlight what all you get for the monthly subscription along with pricing so you can maybe compare the two programs and decide which one you feel might be better for your situation.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment below with anything on your mind including questions or concerns.

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