Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell’s Membership Review



What Is It?

Chris Farrell’s Membership is an online course/resources subscription based website  that teaches beginners how to get started building a website capable of making money.

I will go ahead and tell you upfront that it is definitely not some type of scam or anything, but how good is it really? Keep reading if you want to hear my opinion.

Who Would Best Benefit From This

The Chris Farrell Membership program is one that is mainly geared towards beginners who are confused as to exactly how you even get started in the website building/affiliate marketing world.

I think it’s a great idea to build a program that is geared towards beginners in the affiliate industry, because there are a lot of people out there who desperately want to get involved in this business and just can’t seem to crack the code on how to start, whether people get intimidated and think it’s too technical or beyond them to be able to make any kind of money online or they can’t seem to find the right place to begin learning.

Chris has obviously created this program with those types of people in mind, as he does make the process of beginning to build what I consider to probably be the most important part of any website, its base, very simple and easy to follow along.

Training Offered/ The 21 Day Program

When you pay the subscription and log into the back section of the site, one of the things you will immediately be directed to is the “Chris Farrell Membership 21 Day Training Program” which is this sites main training area. It’s where the beginners of the program go to begin their online journey.

The 21 days training program is a great beginners guide that teaches important fundamentals such as creating and hosting domains, creating your own website in as quick as a couple minutes, how to set up an email marketing list, fundamentals of SEO, how to harness social media to increase your content reach and of course the basics of how to write good content that will help you convert better.

One of the other big things that the membership has to boast is its “Money Making Labs” which is just a creative name for live webinars that the owner of the program, Chris Farrell himself creates and hosts going over a range of topics that you would find useful to know.

Unfortunately while there are some more offerings to the membership, these two are considered to be the best parts, and there really isn’t as much advanced content for people further along making is something that you wouldn’t want to continually subscribe to every year.

Tech Support Available

As for tech support, there are two options that are available. You can either post on the website members forum or call the tech support line.

From what I have read the community is filled with fairly knowledgeable people in the affiliate industry willing to help answer any questions you might have, but from what I have seen the forum as a whole is not too well organized making it harder than it should be to get an answer to your question sometimes.

As for the tech support phone number, it’s fairly standard support from what I understand, making it a hit or miss kind of scenario. Coming from people who are apart of the program, they suggest posting in the forum for most issues before trying to call tech support, so keep that in mind if you intend to join.

What’s The Cost

Let’s talk about what to expect to pay to get this package. For the membership you are looking at $37 a month or if you decide to buy a year’s subscription up front you can get a 33% discount overall, which is a very fair price for the value given.

There is also a $997 “mentor me” program which is a 6 week live webinar course with the owner of the whole program Chris Farrell. After searching for what people have to say who have experienced the mentor me program first hand, most comments and reviews are fairly positive stating that the program has some generally useful information that helps answer certain questions that the membership course and resources don’t provide.

Final Thoughts

There is no dispute in the good quality value presented to you with the Chris Farrell Membership for either the price of $37 monthly or the %33 discounted price if you decide to pay for a year up front, but here is the thing, I cannot suggest paying for the full year membership.

More than likely you are going to grow out this membership no more than 6 months or so if you decide to invest, unless you decide to buy his mentor me package for $997(when it’s not booked up) which I really can’t discourage you from doing per say as all the reviews pointed towards it having some good insight although they really didn’t elaborate on whether or not it was still worth the hefty price tag of $997, so I stress the idea of doing a good amount of research before you decide to jump into that one.

So assuming you don’t buy his mentor course you are going to want to consider other options in the future if not now, and my suggestion for that other option is easily Wealthy Affiliate as it has more to offer with its membership including free wordpress usage.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate(unlike the Chris Farrell Membership) offers a free account that already has access to a lot of the same information that you have to pay to get from Chris Farrell in a just as easy to grasp video form.

I highly recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review as I feel it could be a potential alternative for you to the Chris Farrell Membership. It may seem like i’m trying to sell you on it, but to be honest it’s not hard to come off that way when you know where the best place to grow as an affiliate really is.

Please feel free to leave a comment, maybe you have experience with the Chris Farrell Membership and would like to share your experiences, or maybe you have even tried out his mentor program. Whatever the case I would love to hear from you, and I want you to know I appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

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