Amasuite 5 Review

Amasuite 5 Review

What Is It

The Amasuite 5 is, as the name suggests, a suite of online tools meant to enhance the performance of a amazon based affiliate site.

I will just go ahead and tell you flat out these are quality products, but how good are they, and are they really worth the price? Read onwards if you want to hear my thoughts.

Who Would Benefit From This 

This product is certainly not meant for beginners as these tools are meant for those who already have a decent foundation set up for their amazon affiliate site and are looking to get more out of said site or sites.

If you already have a site up and going and you decide that amazon products is going to be the main focus of your site then these tools might be for you.

Tools Offered

This package of tools comes with 4 programs, the Amasuite Azon Keyword Generator, the Amasuite Azon Product Inspector, the Amasuite Azon Top 100 Analyzer, and the Amasuite Azon Review Finder, I will try to go over the important aspects of each program individually.

Amasuite Azon Keyword Generator

The keyword generator is a program that can basically find high quality keywords through amazon, uncovering keywords with low amounts of competition. This tool allows you to create lists of hundreds of relevant keywords as well so you can always go back and refer to your saved list.

Another cool feature this program has is the ability to check each keywords search trending data which is given to you in the form of an easy to read graph, so finding keywords with high amounts of traffic will be much easier.

Amasuite Azon Product Inspector

The product inspector functions as like a product organizer, performing tasks such as providing all listed amazon products with a overall rank to show whether or not it’s a good seller or not, helping to show you products that are high quality but may be considered “hidden gems” of sorts.

It also comes with a custom filter to able to sort through the data to show only what is relevant to you, and another filter that acts as a highlighter, highlighting the high quality products within the categories you choose so you can decide what affiliate products are going to be the most effective for you.

Amasuite Azon Top 100 Analyzer

This program, the top 100 analyzer, works kind of like a product hunter of sorts that searches amazon high and low for the 100 ranking products of various categories, and can even find you worthy products beyond the top 100 of certain categories, then it stores all the info for you to check at your leisure.

You can even create a list of the top 100 items on amazon subscribers wish list, which is a very interesting and seemingly very useful tool to have if you are an amazon affiliate marketer!

Amasuite Azon Review Finder

The final product provided in the bundle is the review finder, which is an interesting program in my opinion. It acts similar to the top 100 analyzer in the way that it hunts for you but what this program hunts isn’t the best products, it’s the best reviews!

The review finder tracks down the highest rated reviewers for each category along with all their contact info, enabling you to receive the best possible reviews for your products that you sell. Reviews are going to be a big part of your conversions in the amazon affiliate jungle, so I can definitely see where something like a quality reviewer finder can come in handy.

Tech Support

As far as support goes for these products, they do have a support section on their site should you encounter any technical issues or bugs, but you really shouldn’t have too many problems as these programs are supposedly pretty well polished and simple to use.

From what I have read from others who have tried the product, the tech support is decently responsive to any issues, so that’s pretty straight forward I would say.

What’s The Cost

The price gives me somewhat mixed feelings, one one hand the site currently has it priced at $197 for everything at the time that I am writing this review, which isn’t a bad deal with everything included.

On the other hand, supposedly the current price is just for a limited time and the normal price for these programs is a total of $297, which is where the mixed feelings come in.

So to be honest, I am not sure if I can recommend this product based on its normal price. If you are reading this right now and the price on their site is still $197 for everything, I would highly recommend considering if these programs would be beneficial to you and your sites, but if the price happens to go back up to $297 before you buy it, I can’t stress enough to you to make sure to take the time to be certain the price is truly worth what is provided to you.

Final Thoughts

The Amasuite 5 package is one that is very interesting and useful to those it was designed for, you just need to make sure you are one of those people they had in mind. As I just mentioned, be wary of the price for these programs as that should more or less dictate whether or not you will invest the capital into these tools, and if you decide to spend the money make sure to do more research before hand to make sure you are buying something that you will get use out of.

As far as training to build the websites that these programs are meant to help succeed, I suggest you take a look at the online school that fully introduced me into the affiliate marketing world.

They have a free membership option with a full beginners course that shows you how to develop the foundation of a money generating site, and they also offer a large community filled with like minded affiliate marketers trying to both get further along with their goals and also help others who need  and ask for it.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, maybe talking about your experiences with the Amasuite programs or your experiences as an amazon affiliate marketer/website designer. Whatever the case, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading what I had to say,