Affilorama Review

Affilorama Review

What is it?

Somewhat like the training membership site that I subscribe to, Affilorama is an affiliate marketing/web design training site aimed mainly at newcomers just trying to begin their prospective online entrepreneur journeys. While it does contain some useful tools and training, unfortunately the experience as a whole is greatly brought down by the somewhat massive paywall that the site also boasts, among a few other issues that I will be getting into right now.

Who Would Benefit From This?

As I said, the main group this site is marketed to is people just starting out in the industry, and while it does offer some decent content for the $67.00 monthly subscription to their premium service such as the affilotools which do have some utilities (even some of these tools are actually provided with the training site I ultimately chose to begin my online entrepreneur journey), there are two other payment options or “packages” as I guess you would call them.

Training Packages Offered

One of these options is a pricey $197.00 beginners course that teaches you how to build a website from beginning to end for different affiliate marketing strategies.

This is not a bad price but their are much cheaper options

The information in this package is good, making it a somewhat decent investment if you had no other choices, the other package on the other hand is something else entirely.

The other available package from Affilorama, the “Affilojetpack” is almost like a scam if I am being honest. It’s a business in a box type deal where you pay $997.00 for Affilorama to basically hand you pre-created websites that will “do all the work” for you, meaning they are trying to get you to pay them $1000.00 dollars for an automated business that they promise will make you lots of profits with little to no effort from you.

They literally sell it as a business that will do just about EVERYTHING FOR YOU(that’s what I call a red flag). When trying to sell you the idea of buying this package, they basically tell you why you can’t build a successful online website by yourself most of the time without massive amounts of help. They actually have a entire section in the sell page explaining to you the reasons why you “probably” can’t do it yourself and need them to do the work for you. Let me explain something right now, when someone is trying to sell you one of these online automated website packages with supposedly EVERYTHING you need, including pre-written content, and then tries to tell you how you probably won’t succeed without their help, YOU SHOULD BACK AWAY.

The way the sites work is pretty simple, its email list oriented with an emphasis on building email lists to send them products and services with your affiliate link attached to it. Don’t get me wrong, building lists is a great affiliate marketing tool when applied to a quality site with decent content, but when the whole site is built around building lists, it’s just not going to be the most successful endeavour. Building lists is just one of many tools in an affiliates toolbox. The things included in the affilojetpack include 5 pre created sites that you customize, 5 out of 18 niches to choose from for said sites, “cheat sheets” for content creation for each of the sites(basically recycled content, a big no no) and 90 pre written emails for you to send to the people who decide to sign up for your email list, among a couple other things.


The support offered from affilorama is fairly standard. If you have any technical problems, you can put in a ticket and wait up to 48 hours for a response, or try to get help from the community that affilorama has, although there is not a lot of activity within the community a lot of times so your post may get lost or take a few days to be answered. Unfortunately, if you wanted to ask the owner anything directly, you are out of luck.

Price Tag

Briefly going over price points again, there are three different price points within Affilorama, they are the $67.00 monthly subscription where you gain access to some training videos, hosting for up to 15 sites and some useful tools, although from my understanding there really isn’t a comprehensive course laid out for you by just paying this subscription. If you want an actual training course to go with your subscription, you must pay an additional $197.00 for the affiloblueprint which promises to teach you the ins and outs of building a successful affiliate website. Finally if you want the self touted affilojetpack package(I call it the business in a box), you are going to have to shell out $1000.00, a price tag that is in no way worth what you learn and what you really receive. The craziest part about the affilojetpack is that there isn’t even all that much you learn from purchasing it, it’s  just supposed to be an automated website designed to appeal to people out there who really want instant gratification, which you more than likely will still not receive when purchasing this overpriced product.

Final Thoughts

Affilorama has some decent offerings like the affiloblueprint with a one time price tag of $197.00, but overall just falls short everywhere else. The premium subscription is $67.00 a month, $20.00 more than what I pay for my monthly subscription to Wealthy Affiliate, and I actually get wordpress, hosting and the equivalent of the affiloblueprint provided to me with my subscription along with a lot of the same types of tools such as site analysis and keyword research tools, not to mention the amount of sites that can be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate is 35 sites more than Affilorama. I cannot suggest to anyone to pay for the premium membership that Affilorama has to offer, or the ridiculous business in a box for a whopping $1000.00.

Best case scenario, if you decide to pay this company anything at all, I recommend only purchasing the $197.00 Affiloblueprint if you are just trying to get going as it does have some good content to offer for the price, unfortunately that is the only somewhat worthwhile offering that Affilorama has. It is my opinion that you should check out the site that trained me to be an affiliate marketer/website designer as its offerings are far more plentiful for its monthly subscription of $47.00 compared to the Affilorama $67.00 subscription, along with an option to lower that down to $30.00 monthly if you pay upfront yearly, before you decide if you are going to buy from affilorama.

On top of that, once you subscribe to the premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate, there is no other upsales or things you need to buy to access certain tools or training, it’s all there for you whenever you need it, something that Affilorama suffers from greatly as they are constantly sending you emails trying to get you to buy all sorts of other products and locking off certain training behind large paywalls like the $197.00 price-tag for the affiloblueprint course, the best thing Affilorama has to offer in my opinion.

If you have purchased one of these packages from Affilorama or subscribed to their premium membership, I would love to hear what you have to say! Maybe you purchased the affilojetpack and had a great experience as an example, if thats the case then please leave a comment below and let me know what your opinions are, as I am always curious!

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