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Today we are looking at a social media marketing tool mainly for Facebook called Adviser 2.0, created by Abhi Dwivedi this tool acts as a spy program of sorts. I am all for effective social media marketing and this tool promises to boost your social media effectiveness/presence by quite a bit, but I am not too sure if this tool is the right path to a stronger social media presence.

This is a fairly simple tool overall and seemingly overhyped to a degree, read on if you want to learn more as to what Adviser 2.0 actually does, hopefully I can help you decide whether this program is right for you or not.

What Is It

Adviser 2.0 as I mentioned earlier functions as what can be called a spy program that can search for the best different social media ads that are showing results and allow you to pick apart and copy those ads to use for your own campaigns.

You can run results on your own competitors within your own niche and see what they are doing marketing wise and whether or not their ads are successful, pretty simple right? Take what works and discard what doesn’t.

It can help you to discover potentially profitable niches and keywords as well, much like other keyword tools online that are available. Another thing it comes with is a growing database filled with thousands of different ads that are said to be profitable. It also comes with a feature that locates high performing landing pages of competition so you can improve yours in turn.

Who Would Benefit From This

Adviser 2.0 is an app obviously targeted towards affiliate marketers trying to either create or enhance their online social media presence by finding you different social media ads that convert well, but what should not be lost on you is the fact that you can do in a rather short period of time the majority of what this program says it will do for you if you purchase it.

Simple searches on your preferred engine will yield all sorts of valuable info on various social media ads and campaigns, what works primarily and what doesn’t, with various informative sites talking about certain ads and giving real evidence to support why one ad is better than another.

Just a quick google search I made right now while writing this and I already saw a couple interesting websites with relevant articles like this one talking about different Facebook ads and giving professional expertise as to why the examples are great ads. That took me about 30 seconds for free, how much information could I find in 30 minutes?

Not to mention that Google has its own keyword research tool that comes with having a Google Adwords account. I’ve tried it before, it’s pretty accurate and tells you what you need to know, although paid keyword tools can be better sometimes.

Training/Tools Offered

Let me go over in summary what all exactly this program can do, and understand up front that this isn’t really a program meant to teach you but assist you so there is no training section to go over.

The first feature is as mentioned, the ability to find profitable ad campaigns that you can then either copy or alter to fit your needs, another feature being able to find the landing pages different ad campaigns that are successful lead their traffic to so you can do further research to understand why they are successful.

You can also see what niches certain ad campaigns are targeting so you can do research yourself and see what niches are seeing high volumes of traffic so you can try to target them yourself. You can also take the most profitable ads from other marketers online and see what makes them so profitable as well.


The biggest thing worth mentioning when talking about any form of support is the guarantee that you can get a full refund for Adviser 2.0 within 30 days if you are not satisfied, but to be honest there isn’t much else support to mention.

I have searched up and down looking for any mention of some sort of support team in case of technical issues, but it seems they have nobody dedicated to it, meaning the support for this product is pretty weak, but then again this really isn’t the biggest program out there, so I am guessing the creators feel there can’t be much that will go wrong.

The Cost

The price of the Adviser 2.0 is a cool $48 to start with for the base tool although they have a Adviser 2.0 Pro which is $98 and includes a database of native ads that run outside fb and a shopify spy tool that helps to show you what products are selling well and what products are not.

The price is definitely not too large by any means considering it’s not subscription based but a one time buy, although the multiple upsells they toss your way after you sign up for Adviser 2.0 can add to the price.

Final Thoughts

The main gripe I have with the Adviser 2.0 is that a lot of its premise is something that can be done using free tools available on the internet, but keep in mind that their sales page is in my opinion, not the most professional and straight forward.

I have checked out their website multiple times here in the last couple days and every time I do there is a countdown timer at the top of the site urging you to hurry up and buy Adviser 2.0 before the price goes up.

This is something that makes me wary to say whether or not it is necessarily a good idea to give this company money for their product considering how cheesy and manipulative the tactic is. As I have pointed out multiple times, most of what this paid program wants to do for you, you can do for you, although obviously the program does help organize the information for you better.

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Please leave a comment down below if you enjoyed reading my review, especially if you have tried out Adviser 2.0 before and would like to share your own personal opinion on it and whether or not it has helped you and your social media marketing campaigns.

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