The Art Of Internal Linking For Dummies

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If there is one thing internet marketers strive for it’s a well optimized site that is easy for users to browse and google spiders to crawl. A Well optimized site is a big part of the battle of ranking your site, and a big factor of optimizing your site is the art of interlinking your content together. This is just a short blog post talking about the fundamentals of why interlinking plays a big part in ranking your content. I am going to quickly go over the concept of interlinking then afterwards list some simple guidelines you can follow to more efficiently interlink yourself,  read on if you want to learn more.

What Even Is Interlinking

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You should be fairly familiar with the idea of links, all they are is just virtual bridges to web pages and content, simple enough right?

How often do you see people placing links to other sites and pages in their own content? A lot of people do for the most part no matter what their site is about or they don’t really link at all, but not as many people who link out to other websites also interlink or rarely do.

Interlinking is just the process of linking from one page of content on your site to another page of original content on your site, trying to get other people to maybe check it out and dive deeper into your website. Doing so not only allows for a better user experience, it also tells google that the pages you are linking to are valuable and should be seen as such.

Natural Interlinking Is Key

One big part of interlinking that needs to be understood is that the link you place in your content has to fit naturally with the source context.

Let’s say you are writing some content about women’s health, you could write something in there that would allow you to link to the page you wrote talking about dieting tips for women over 30, as an example. Wherever you decide to interlink content just make sure the content you are linking to fits what you are linking from. People appreciate good quality interlinks to an equally relevant part of your site, so always keep it in mind.

Make Sure To Use Anchor Texts

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This is important, if you want to make your content more user friendly, natural and just overall more appealing to the eyes you need to make sure to use anchor text when you are interlinking content, or really linking in general for the most part, excluding maybe the occasional picture with a link embedded into it.

If you don’t know what anchor text is then my response is simple, yes you do, you just don’t know it. Anchor text is just regular text embedded with links, it looks like this. Just highlight the phrase you want to embed with a link scroll to the top of wordpress and select “insert link”, really simple.

If your content is good and your anchor text interlinks are valuable and relevant to the source context at hand then you will have plenty of people clicking your interlinks to read what you have to say on the other page.

Interlink plenty, Just Not Too Much

One thing to keep in mind is that while there is no official set amount of links that should be on your page, you should not spam links in the hopes that your readers will click them all.

People do not want to read a page of content filled to the brim with interlinks and affiliate links, it just makes the page look terrible and most people aren’t going to read through your content if it doesn’t look that good or they feel like you are pushing something onto them.

The size of the content you are writing should basically dictate how many internal links you add, but if you don’t have any pages of content that could be linked naturally from whatever you happen to be writing then don’t stress it too much, although you should be able to fit in AT LEAST one or two interlinks per page, the bare minimum being one. Just write naturally and try to make your links flow naturally with the content and everything should be fine.

Bridge To The Heart Of Your Site

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The last guideline I thought was worth mentioning when it comes to interlinking is to make sure you are primarily linking to content that isn’t easy to navigate to through the main menu.

One of the advantaged of interlinking is that if your content is valuable and you are linking naturally then it is easy to guide your readers deeper and deeper into the depths of your site, keeping them there longer, spending their time reading your content, something you absolutely want!

Don’t waste your time linking to your more generic pages, like your posts page or your homepage as an example. Make sure to reserve your links for more desireable content as that is what helps with your SEO.

These are just some of the factors to keep in mind when trying to properly interlink your content together. Remember what I have said and your internal links should see a decent amount of clicks, which means more people seeing different content on your site,  and eventually all the interlinking should make a difference with google rankings which will eventually lead to more traffic.

It’s crazy to realize just how big interlinking really can affect the overall traffic of your website, isn’t it? Just make sure to keep creating quality content and linking them together in a way that naturally fits the source context and you will start to understand just how big of a factor interlinking really plays!

Did you know about how important interlinking is for content? Or maybe you have a firm understand and would like to suggest something yourself! Leave a comment down below with your thoughts or questions, I would definitely love to hear what you have to say.

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