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I have no doubt you don’t need to be told just how important it is to have a decent social media sharing plugin, because without it you will be severely limiting your reach of your content and website as a whole, and when your sites reach is limited then that’s the kiss of death for a site.

You need a social media plugin to allow your readers passing by the ability to easily share your content with everyone on their social media of choice such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Today I am going to introduce to you a really cool free social media plugin that you can use to take care of all your needs as far as sharing content is concerned, read onward if you want to learn more and check it out!

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

As I already said it is an absolute MUST to have a decent social media plugin to allow sharing of your content, as you need all the free advertising from people as you can get.

The reason I recommend this plugin specifically is pretty simple, its free, quality and clean looking. Personally I love Shareaholic, it gives you all your basic share button options, a floating share bar as well, share buttons embedded into your photos in your content for added sharing options,  it organizes your content for you to help highlight content on your website that might not have been found by many people if otherwise, it even helps analyze traffic and different data pertaining to that.

Long story short, its important that you have a social media plugin, doesn’t have to be this one, there are other free ones out there and plenty of paid ones too, just keep in mind that some of the paid plugins out there aren’t as good as this free plugin.

Quick Setup Guide

Photo showing the Shareaholic settings area

Go over to the add new plugins page and type in Shareaholic, it should be the first plugin that shows up, created by Shareaholic. After downloaded, head into your downloaded plugin section to active Shareaholic and head on into its settings, using the settings button located just below the name of the plugin itself.

First thing I recommend when getting into the settings of the plugin is following the link shown to you to set up an account with Shareaholic(still free) in order to gain access to certain other features, such as the floating share buttons if that was something you wanted.

After that’s all situated check out the related and promoted content area where you can decide if you want Shareaholic to take pages from your website and advertise it at the top or bottom of your site, to further increase engagement for the user. I would recommend using this feature and honestly I would also recommend putting it at the bottom of your content, it would seem a bit weird to have an area for related content right on top of the page, but in the end that choice is up to you.

If you decide you don’t want to use the floating bar then go ahead and set up your sharing buttons area, decide whether you want the buttons on both your pages and your posts and then whether you want the buttons on the top or the bottom of your page, pick your preference and smack the save button, skip the monetization section for now as this is just us getting the core functions of the app up and going on your site.

Last thing, just load up your website to check that the plugin set up successfully and is working, which more than likely it is.

I hope this quick guide will help you get started with this plugin as soon as possible, that is if you are interested in using my suggestion, either way at the very least I hope you do have a good social media plugin if not this one.

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It’s free to try and will get you started quickly, so click here if you want to learn more about it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this quick plugin guide, if you have a related plugin that you use yourself or feel would be a great alternative then please make sure you make it known down in the comments for me and fellow readers to find.

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