WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

  There is no denying how powerful, versatile and popular the WordPress website building platform is, but do you know there are actually two different WordPress platforms to choose from? A lot of people don’t actually realize that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two completely different options when it comes to building your website, so I

What Is Music Bed?

It can be quite a pain searching for a good soundtrack to license for your personal project, short films, YouTube videos and the like. Or maybe you yourself are in fact some sort of musical aficionado, a lyrical genius, the next Billy John or Elton Joel looking to make money with your musical creations through

What Is Cratejoy?

Over the last few years, the concept of websites that provide subscription boxes as their service has basically exploded, with one of the biggest subscription box based websites being LootCrate as an example. LootCrate is a really cool subscription box site that sends its subscribers monthly boxes with all kinds of cool goodies that revolve

What Is Slack Chat?

It can’t be underestimated just how important the method of communication and content sharing is for teams working on any sort of project. Whether its school aged teens trying to come together and get that group project done in English class or its a team of scientists under NASA trying to work together to program a

What Is Getty Images?

  The invention of the World Wide Web is undoubtedly one of, if not the most important and revolutionizing point of human history. One thing that the internet has allowed in today’s modern world is the creation of businesses that provide all different kinds of products, information and services online. Take the online stock photo