Money Back Guarantee VS Try Before You Buy

Photo showing a symbol for a money back guarantee and a symbol for a 30 day free trial

We have all encountered different guarantees and warranties from different programs and services online, the most interesting guarantee I have heard might be Constant Profits Clubs 2 part guarantee that you can either get a full refund before 60 days or if after 60 days you continue the training and still can’t make any money, the owner will send you $1000, thats a cool warranty.

Most products and services don’t offer any kind of guarantee that good, but many do offer guarantees, and I would like to talk about the two most simple and common guarantees and kind of compare the two, the “money back guarantee” and the “try before you buy guarantee”.

This is just a short blog post explaining the difference between the two and which guarantee is better so you can find the right online tools and information, read on if you want to learn more.

Money Back Guarantee

Photo showing a money back guarantee badge

This is by far the most common guarantee out there, and the way it works is simple, you purchase the product or service up front and they promise they will return your money if you decide you are displeased with the service within a certain time frame.

The main problem with this type of guarantee is to an extent it is only as good as the company’s word, exposing you to the of risk of ultimately losing money over something that didn’t benefit you. You need to be careful of services or products that make you pay up front to try even if they have a money back guarantee, a lot of companies that sell online products and services can be quite a pain to get in touch with after you pay them money.

If you find yourself in the situation where a company whom you bought online products or services from is for one reason or another not giving you a refund or keeps charging your card after you canceled your subscription or whatever, your best move is going to be to contact your bank, make a fraud claim and have them cancel your card so it cannot be charged further. Chances are you will get most of if not all your money back in that kind of situation, but things can go either way sometimes so you never really can be sure.

Try Before You Buy

Photo showing a free trial badge

The other common guarantee is the classic try before you buy, which I know isn’t really an official “guarantee” but if you think about it, it’s kind of the most ironclad guarantee, if that makes sense. Let me give you an example of a try before you buy product that I have had some personal experience with so I can give you a better idea of what I mean.

One hobby I have other than website building is the poker card game texas holdem, extremely fun to play in my opinion and I love online poker even more than live poker! When I started playing online I found out shortly after that there are online poker “HUDs” available to help give you more info on the people you play with, so I decided to look into purchasing one for myself to enhance my game and to my surprise there were quite a few options.

Many different companies offered their own poker HUD with all of them offering some sort of guarantee, but I sought out the companies that offered for you to try their product for free before you give them a credit card, and my thought process is simple, if they are confident enough to show off their product to me for a certain amount of time before I even give them a credit card then chances are they have one of the better choices out there.

Their confidence that I would enjoy and appreciate their product spoke to me and helped me make a decision as to what I should choose as my HUD, almost like the company sending a signal out to all those interested that they  have complete faith in their product and believe you will too if you are willing to try it.

If you are going to spend money on a software tool or anything of that nature, or even some kind of online learning program, keep in mind that the mark of good products and services online is the ability to try out what is being offered so you can make the best decision for you, although not having the offer to do test out the product doesn’t mean it’s not legit or worth checking out or buying, i’m just pointing out that the company’s offering a taste of what they are selling for free are normally where you want to start looking for whatever you are looking for

. Another good example of a service being offered to try for free would be the site that taught me how to design websites and start making money online, Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer two types of memberships to their site, free and premium, the free site comes with a starter course filled with up to date info on web design. That is how you convert people to liking your service or product, offer to try it out and build trust!

Leave a comment down below if you have some good suggestions for tools or services offered online to try for free that you feel would be of some help to other readers on this site, or even me! I know I would appreciate it, and others would as well.

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2 thoughts on “Money Back Guarantee VS Try Before You Buy

  1. Hi, Lorenzo, your article points out the differences between a money back guarantee and a try-before-yo. buy really well.

    Personally, I´m all for the latter because it is hassle free unless they ask for your credit card details to try their product or service out for free.

    Another thing that´s important to me is that the tr- out-for-free period is the right amount of time. There´s not much to try out in only a few days, for example.

    One try-out-for-free as long as you like that I´m really fond of is Spanish Is Easy by Marcus Santamaria. I learned quite a bit of Spanish when I traveled and worked in Spain because of Marcus. Of course, he offers paid stuff too, but the free stuff will get you a long way.

    Kind regards,

    1. You worked in Spain? What a cool adventure, I recently moved to the Dominican Republic myself! I agree with your comment about being offered the right amount of time for a free trial, although I personally think that an unlimited free membership with limited access to the product or service to allow people to try it for free is the best way to do it.

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