iTheme Security Plugin

Photo showing the iTheme Security plugin info area

One of the biggest worries that website owners who have experience tend to worry about is the security of the their website, and rightly so.

Hackers and random viruses are literally all over the internet now more than ever, people who understand how will literally create different viruses and various ways to deliver those viruses to peoples computers for nothing more than entertainment and whatever feeling of joy they get within themselves.

That’s why today I want to introduce to you the iTheme Security plugin! What is this plugin and what can it do for you? Read forward if you are interested in finding out.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

The iTheme Security plugin is a rather well known freemium(its free to use but they have a paid version with more features)security plugin that handles a list of different things when it comes to taking care of and protecting your website, and by extension the information on your website.

If you are looking for a fantastic website security plugin that works well for free then iTheme Security is what you want. They offer features such as the “brute force protection” option which helps to protect against those who are trying to guess the password to get into your site, the ability to block specific IP addresses, malware scans(have to do this manually, the pro version offers scheduled malware scans though), a strong password enforcement option to make sure you are using better passwords, SSL encryption and a few more options guaranteed to help keep your information safe and your website working properly.

If this plugin seems like something you would like to try out then you are welcome to read through my quick set up guide for this plugin to get rock & rolling as soon as possible.

Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the iTheme Security settings area

Open up the WordPress plugin hub and search for the iTheme Security plugin, it should be the first one on the left to show up, created by iThemes.

After installing the plugin, head into your plugin library and select the settings area. Once inside you should be greeted by a popup message that will tell you a little about the plugin and the various options that they recommend you have activated to start with. These recommendations include the brute force protection option I mentioned along with a few others options that they will automatically activate for you once you get inside.

The cool thing about this plugin is the very little setup required for it, the only additional thing I would recommend activating is the SSL data encryption option to add extra security as well as the file change detection option which will constantly monitor to make sure uploaded files on your website don’t randomly change at any given time. All of these things together will make for a very nice security suite for your website when considered all this added security is free and up for grabs at the click of a few buttons.

If you require extra security measures such as passwords that expire and reCAPTCHA security against bots then you are welcome to look into paying for the pro version of this fantastic plugin(multiple paid optioned to choose from).

I appreciate the amount of value that you receive from the free version of this plugin which is why I felt it would be a good idea to share with you, so hopefully if you are in need of some sort of security for your website this will fit the bill nicely as I believe it will.

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Hopefully you were able to get something worthwhile out of this post, whether its a new security plugin or a new pace to learn how to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Whatever the case, I would love to hear from you! Please make sure to leave a comment down below, with your opinion on the plugin or a great alternative you would recommend.

Thank you for reading,