How To Sell Digital Downloads Online

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There is no denying the work and challenges involved when it comes to making money online, especially if you plan to sell your own digital product through the web to make that money.

It takes time just to develop whatever it is you wish to sell, and when you get that squared away then you have to figure out how you are going to get your digital goods out to the people on the web.

If you are wondering how to sell digital downloads online then you need to get with the times, on the internet today there are many different marketplaces available to use! Most people do opt in for using 3rd party marketplaces to help market and sell their digital downloads, services and goods, but at the end this post I will go over what I think may be a better alternative to using these various internet marketplaces.

This is just a small blog post going over some of the different ways on how to sell digital downloads online, read on if I have your interest.


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Ever heard of Alibaba?

It’s not as well known in western countries like the US, but believe it or not, Alibaba is a Chinese E-commerce website that is so massive, it generates more income than Amazon and Ebay combined. Alibaba has a site that functions as a sub division of Alibaba called Taobao, a huge online marketplace which boasts more than 7 million merchants selling just about anything and everything you could likely think of.

Alibaba/Taobao is constantly evolving to keep ahead of the game when offering the best user experience possible, the founder, Jack Ma, even went as far as to send out a letter to all his employees when Alibaba went public pledging that the company he founded will always remain true to its principles and put customers before its shareholders.

This marketplace, Taobao, is a create place to sell your digitally downloaded goods, and should definitely be one to consider if you decided you wanted to go the route of an online marketplace.

The Music Bed

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Here is  an online marketplace meant solely for the musically creative, Music Bed.

Music Bed is considered a high end, exclusive music marketplace of sorts, meaning that they are selective about what content they accept. Supposedly they have big wig clients such as Google, Netflix and even Nike, so being apart of this community is seen as a pretty big opportunity by many.

One thing that is very big to keep in mind, Music Bed takes a profit cut of 50% of anything you make through them. No you didn’t read that wrong. I really can’t tell you if it’s worth it to work through them, that would be something you would have to calculate yourself, but  keep in mind that there are other music marketplaces online that you can sell your digital downloads through and you are obviously welcome to list your music on multiple websites, not just Music Bed.

If you are the musical type and want to sell your tracks online, this is an option, although I can’t say it would be mine.


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Fiverr is an interesting web marketplace for sure, in the sense that people sell not just digital and physical products, but offer all sorts of different services as well.

There are many different “gigs” to choose from, with prices ranging anywhere from $5 – $100+ depending on what you are looking for and how much effort and time you want the merchant to spend on whatever it is you ask of them. You can pay someone to create a welcome video for your site or a business logo design, not to mention there are many, MANY artists who sell their work on Fiverr.

Fiverr does take a cut of 20% of whatever you make, which is by no means a small number, but there is true potential here to make decent money selling your digital artwork and designs, especially since Fiverr sees such high volume of people looking for good digital artwork.

If you want to read a little bit more about Fiverr and even my own experiences throughout the last couple years with them then check out this page here.


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If you are wondering how to sell digital downloads online, like say your ebook, another really cool online marketplace worth taking a look at is Kobo.

Kobo is an online ebook marketplace where merchants can go to sell their own ebook, with millions of different books ranging from all time best sellers and well known classics to self published work, like you maybe.

Keep in mind that combined with the nice influx of traffic Kobo enjoys monthly, it doesn’t cost a penny to self publish with them, so I put Kobo high on the list of online marketplaces you should keep in mind, assuming an e-book is what you are looking to sell. Check out my article where I talk a little bit more about Kobo , if you wanted to read a little more.

These are just some of the many different e-marketplaces available to the willing merchant, with multiple different options for just about anyone who wants to sell any sort of digital download, whether its your e-book, music, podcast, webinars or art, but what if I told you there is another option which gives you more control over, well, basically everything.

I am talking  about building your own website/blog and advertising yourself, organically with all original content. This is a long term plan, a  mountain to climb,  a marathon to complete,  and you need to understand that before you start. You will not see quick results like you are hoping for, I know I did when I first started, although I was just wishing, I try to be as realistic as possible anymore in life. Its best to take it on as a part time job/ hobby/ passion project that you will eventually complete as long as you move forward little by little, step by step every week.

The payoff potential for creating a website/blog that has decent volumes of traffic can be big, even massive if you have the right amount of traffic(thanks to your keyword research and original content) and the right monetization methods in place.

If this is something you would like to learn more about pursuing then I recommend you check out the online school that taught me how to start building websites and monetize them, Wealthy Affiliate.

Its free to sign up for an account so if you want to read more about what WA offers then make sure to check out my overview of Wealthy Affiliate where I talk a bit more in detail as to what WA does, what WA’s goals are for their students and the community as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through, please make sure to share if you found this post helpful for you, and I want to also encourage you to leave a comment down below, whether you feel like you have something worth saying that could also help those trying to learn how to sell digital downloads online or you have a question you are curious about, I want to hear from you!

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