How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Products Online

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Alright! You got your website all up and running, got your favorite theme picked out and all your preferred wordpress plugins downloaded…..Whats next?

When will the money start rolling into your paypal account? How will it? Let’s assume you have a chosen niche already, that still leaves the daunting task of figuring out what needs to be done to start making a living online, unless of course you have a product that you are going to sell on your site already.

This small blog post is going to be for people who don’t have their own product, I want to briefly lay out the basic idea of making money selling other people’s products online.

If you are someone who hasn’t even started their site yet and are just kind of wondering where to begin, check out my post about the online school that showed me how to get started from scratch.

Find A Relevant Online Product Or Program

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 Start by searching google for potential online products or programs that relate to your niche, if you are a sports blog website as an example, you could look up “basketball affiliate  program”  or “tennis affiliate marketing” or if you were a tech trends website maybe you could google and find some gadgets that companies sell online and become an affiliate with them.

If you don’t have something to offer on your website , finding other people’s products to promote and sell is a close second.

I highly recommend taking some time to google different phrases and keywords relevant to your niche to find different possible affiliate programs for you to try.

Make sure to try to get a second opinion before you invest time or money of your own, google whatever product or service you consider making your main affiliate focus on your site and see what others have to say, both about the product or service and what others say about the affiliate program offerings.

Maximize Your Affiliate Partnerships


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I recommend that if you can, you should try to become an affiliate for just about any product that you may mention on your website, even if it’s not positive words you are saying.

As an example, let’s say you market for a website that functions as an online summer school of sorts for kids and that was your main affiliate focus, a lot  of your website would   probably be reviews about other programs out there similar to the one you promote.

Even if you write a negative review about one product or service related to your niche, you should still have affiliate links in your content for readers to click on even if you aren’t really trying to sell them on it.

The reason why is because even though you may be talking about this product or service in a bad light, they may not listen to you and decide to pay for it anyways, why not get paid for it?

Make sure to try to get involved with the affiliate program of any product or service you mention on your site so you can reap the maximum benefit.

Understand Your Main Affiliate Partner

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One thing to keep in mind when deciding what your main affiliate focus is on your site is whether or not the product or service you are focusing on is actually any good or not.

Whatever you choose as your main affiliate for your site, you need to make sure you actually believe in what you are selling, that way you don’t have to sell it, you just need to be honest to your audience and explain how blah product or blah service has helped you personally, the rest should fall into place. If it helped you, why couldn’t it help your readers as well right?

I recommend at the very least searching google high and low for reviews on the product/service so you get a good consensus how quality it truly is.

The better the product or service you focus on is, the easier it will be to explain to people already looking something along the lines of what you are marketing why what you are marketing is the best option for them.

Learning how to sell other peoples products online is a time consuming process, and it does take effort along with a good amount of time to truly profit from it.

If you are looking to learn the ins and outs of building a website to sell other peoples products, I recommend you check out the online school that taught me how to design websites along with teaching me how to become an effective affiliate marketer that makes money.

As I said, it is a time consuming process to get to where you are making a living online, but it really isn’t hard. The hard part is forcing yourself to continue onwards and continue to learn and build even if you are discouraged, now THAT is hard.

Controlling your mind always is though, and i’m afraid there isn’t much help I can give you when it comes to that, its going to have to be your own battle.

Please feel free to comment down below and let me know what your selected niche is for the website you want to or currently are developing, I would love to know. Thanks for reading, hopefully you might have gotten something out of it.




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