How To Find Keywords For A Website

How to find keywords for a website

I, like many others, understand just how challenging it can be to get the lifeblood of any new website flowing as one would want, that lifeblood being traffic. People ask all the time what the best way to drive traffic to a website is, do you pay for advertising like so many opt to do or is there a different way?

Not everyone understands the concept of whats called “organic traffic”, which is the process of generating traffic through, well, organic or more natural methods for free instead of having to pay for traffic, and there is no better way to drum up organic traffic then through the power of content keywords.

What are keywords? Read my post to get a better idea of both what keywords are and of course, how to find keywords for a website.

What Are Keywords, Why You Should Care And A Tool To Help Find Them

“Keyword” is a term that can mean a few different things, but what it means to you and I is a specific term of phrase that is used by people to search on search engines like Google, for the purpose of finding specific information or products.

As an example, if you had a website where you talk about different dog breeds and which ones would be the best for certain personalities, a keyword for you might be “what dog food is best for Rhodesian Ridgebacks” or “what is a good exercise routine for my Dogo Argentino”.

How To find keywords for a websiteThere are all kinds of different keywords for any type of niche, its just up to you to be able to find those powerful keywords that people are using in their searches so you can draw them to your site. Finding good keywords with high search volume and low competition can be a somewhat difficult task sometimes, so it is important that you have a powerful keyword tool to help you find those keywords with high search volume/low competition.

If you do not have a way to see information about keywords like how many searches it is getting in a month or how many other websites are using that keyword to attract traffic then you won’t be able to find the best possible keywords for your niche, which is detrimental to your websites success.

You are going to need some type of tool in order to properly locate those diamonds in the rough(valuable keywords), and while there are quite a few different choices out there, I would recommend checking out my suggested tool, Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a really awesome keyword tool that breaks down all sorts of information about a specific keyword including the info you want more than anything when it comes to keywords, how many people are searching a specific keyword and how much competition is out there for that keyword.

I’ve already written out a quick review page of Jaaxy so I won’t be going into detail here, but make sure to check out my page on Jaaxy to get a better idea of what the tool has to offer before you decide to look elsewhere, trust me when I say that chances are you won’t want to look anywhere else when you try Jaaxy out for free.

How To Find Relevant Keywords

As I said earlier, it can be a bother sometimes trying to come up with keywords for your website, so why not try out one of my suggestions for locating potential keywords for your website. The tried and true method for finding potential keywords to be used is to use the all powerful Google engine to come up with ideas, let me give you an example.

You can go into Google search and type in a few simple terms that have to do with your niche in order to get suggested search results based off of what others are searching. Lets use the dog website niche as an example again, how to find keywords for a websiteyou can start a search by typing in a specific dog breed like “German shepherd” and see what comes up just from that. Sooner or later you will get actual phrases that can be potential keywords for you, then you just take those suggested phrases and  plug them into your keyword tool(like Jaaxy) to get info on them and see if they are actually viable keywords worth pursuing with content.

Alternatively, you can check out question and answer forums that relate to your niche, or something like Yahoo answers where all sorts of questions are asked constantly. Search through these question/answer boards and you can get a good idea of what people are asking/saying when it comes to your specific niche.

The one last suggestion I can make to you is one you can only do if you decide to sign up for a free Jaaxy account, so its up to you. If you do sign up, you will notice when you search keywords to get data on them that Jaaxy will give you a list of other keywords that are closely related to the keywords that you originally searched, and sometimes those similar keywords can be better than what you searched for originally or new keywords you can use all together for a different page of content.

If nothing else I really do recommend you try coming up with keywords using the Google search method I mentioned earlier as it truly is a great way to get keyword ideas and also see what others are searching for on the internet related to your niche.

Hopefully this post was able to help give you an idea of both what keywords are and how to find keywords for a website. If you are trying to begin your online journey and create a website to build an online revenue stream then why not check out the online trade school, Wealthy Affiliate.

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