Google Language Translator Plugin


Photo showing the Google Language Translator info page

Language is a massive barrier that divides us all to an extent, but with technology growing and growing and an increased rate it won’t be long before we have super accurate hand held translation devices that we hold in the palm of our hand and use to speak to someone of a different language.

It sounds like something out of a science fiction story but its not, it’s reality. Lucky for us, that kind of technology is already in existence and can be easily applied to websites today in order to help reach people of other nationalities with your valuable content. Today I am introducing you to the Google Language Translator plugin, a really simple to use, cool plugin that adds multi-lingual functionality to your site for both you, and your readers.

If having a plugin like this interests you then I invite you to keep reading on.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

Like I was saying, language acts as a barrier for humans across the world, and the internet is obviously no exception. The internet has many different corners to it, with many of those corners being filled with people who do not read English well, or even at all.

This plugin serves as a way to accommodate your readers who happen upon your site but also just so happen to not be much of an English reader. It will give your views a simple way to translate your content to the language of their choice, and if they are interested enough in what you have to say that they will take the effort to find the translate button, that just means they could be a great prospect for conversion, based off of their obvious show of interest.

I always like to point out that the plugins I create content for(like Shareaholic) are not plugins I feel you absolutely need in your arsenal, although I do feel what most of these plugins do for you should be apart of your website, it doesn’t have to be the plugins I suggest that provide you with those services, as long as you are getting the service you want.

Assuming you are interested in checking out the Google Language Translator plugin, I have put together a quick set up guide to get you started with Google Language as soon as possible.

Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the Google Language Translator settings page

Fire up the add new plugins page and simply type in Google Language Translator, it will be the first option on the left, authored by Rob Myrick. Download and activate the plugin and head over the the installed plugins area where you will enter the settings area of Google Translator, the button to which is located just below the plugin name itself.

Once inside the settings menu go ahead and make sure the “enable this plugin” checkbox is checked as it should be, then make sure that all languages is selected in the layout settings. Final big thing is to simply go down to the available languages area and check the box next to all the languages you want your site to support.

I recommend focusing on the ones that are smoked more widely like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Arabic and any others that you specifically wish to support on your site. Please keep in mind that having enough languages selected may slow down the overall speed and performance of your site, something you do not want, which is why I recommend sticking to any languages you specifically wish to include and the bigger languages that I listed above, if not at least just English, Spanish, and Chinese if any, but the others I mentioned wouldn’t be a bad idea to have activated as well. After that you can toggle with options like where to show the Google language switcher on your site and whether to show the Google logo or not, among a couple other things you are welcome to try out once you have the base plugin up and going.

The final final thing to do before saving is to decide if you want the translate widget to be visible on your site or not, which I do recommend as it is pretty nifty, after which you can save and go check out your new plugin in action, its really quick and really really cool!

As always my aim is to introduce to you cool free plugins that can benefit you in some way, and I hope I did exactly that with this quick set up guide today.

This plugin really is a cool one, and one you should consider checking out for yourself if you aren’t sure, this plugin really can potentially help to reach a broader audience for you, and when its free there really shouldn’t be a reason not to take a look, right?

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I hope this quick set up page helped you discover and set up a new plugin that will assist you in reaching whatever your goals are for your site. Maybe you have a better alternative plugin to the one I have presented today, or you have an opinion on Google Language Translator, whatever it is on your mind I want to read about it in the comments so if the mood strikes you, please seize the moment.

Thank you again for reading,