Comment Like Dislike Plugin

Photo showing the information section of the Comments Like Dislike plugin

People who have a fundamental understanding of web design and SEO, both relatively simple concepts to grasp, a lot of times really like to make it seem as if there is some sort of arcane magic or secret sauce to SEO and getting your content to rank when for the most part there really isn’t.

Aside from the obvious purple elephant in the room, being plenty of quality content and deep interlinks embedded all throughout said content, one of the best things for your rankings as far as Google is concerned is real people commenting and interacting with you and your content. Very big. If you are interested then why not check out the free WordPress plugin Comment Like Dislike if you want to add extra interaction for you are your readers.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

Having multiple interaction options available on your site adds to the depth of your site in a sense, meaning people will spend more time interacting with different parts of your site, and the more they interact with your content in any way the better.

Think about it like this, if you are serious about trying to gain authority then you need to have a plugin so they can further interact with your content and more easily share your posts, right?

I’m not really saying you need this plugin if you are “serious” about your site, but I would really suggest looking into a nice like/dislike comment interaction plugin of some kind to help boost your website interaction, doesn’t necessarily have to be this one.

Quick Setup Guide

Photo showing the Comment Like Dislike settings area

Head over to your plugins section in your WordPress dashboard, and type in the name Comments Like Dislike and download what should be the first option available, created by WP Happy Coders.

When its downloaded go ahead and pull up the installed plugins page, activate it, and hit the settings button located just below the plugin name itself. Go ahead and check the box next to status to activate the plugin on your site officially, then you need to choose the position of your like dislike button along with whether you want both buttons to be shown or just one or the other.

After you make those personal adjustments make sure to hit the save button! Now switch pages to the design settings section where you can change things such as the design of your like/dislike buttons, allowing you to switch between thumbs up/thumbs down, smiley face/frown face, heart/broken heart or check mark/X mark, with there being a final option to upload any of your own custom designs if you so choose.

Last big option to configure is the color of your icons when interacted with, although if you want my opinion the default color of blue works best all around.

Hopefully this quick guide will help you get started with this plugin if you feel it’s something you would like to add to your plugin roster.

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Like I said I am hopeful that this quick guide will be able to help you in some way, even if you don’t specifically decide to use this plugin. If you have any plugin suggestions of your own then please make sure to leave them down below in the comments for others to find and read about!

Thanks again for reading,