Business Deal Countdown Plugin

Photo showing the Business Deal Countdown plugin info page

Let me give you an important tip when it comes to creating content online, whether it’s written content, or maybe as  an example you have a YouTube channel and make video content, a call to action needs to be included.

Quick lesson, if you don’t know what “a call to action” is, its you making a concise effort to encourage your readers or viewers to act on something, such as sharing your article or liking your video, or subscribing to your YouTube channel, or to leave a comment like I always do.

These are just a few different examples of a call to action, and they are very powerful. Believe it or not it is a powerful thing to call your readers and views to action, as it plants something in their mind that probably wasn’t there before, makes sense right? Now I feel confident that you have been on at least one of those scam sites before, you know the ones right? The ones that have those ridiculous timers all over their site trying to give you a massive sense of urgency, trying to basically pressure you to buy as soon as possible, fooling those who do into thinking that they need to act as quick as possible as the best possible deal for the product or service being offered is about to be gone and a new, higher price will be implemented, even though most of the time this is just the website creators basically lying to you to get you to buy.

That is another example of a call to action, although in the example the actual call to action really hurts the site more than it helps, not because they used a timer, but because they used multiple ones and are leading visitors to a false conclusion when there really isn’t going to be a price increase at all. That is not the way you want to run your operation. A timer though, that actually has meaning and value to it that you create through actual deals and specials? That’s not a bad idea at all.

Enter the Business Deal Countdown plugin, another cool plugin iv’e ran into that adds a timer like function to your site so you can add timed exclusive offers to extend to your readers, assuming you have something worth offering to your readers. If this plugin sounds like something you may want to consider for your own site then I invite you to read onward so I can tell you a little more about it, why you may want it and how to get it set up.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

This is a plugin meant for someone who has something they feel is of value and worth offering to people.

If used correctly, this tool can help to add a sense of genuine urgency to your readers, causing them to take longer to maybe read more and more seriously consider what is being offered.

This plugin isn’t just a countdown timer though, it can easily be implemented on any page or post within your site with a simple line of code you copy and paste, and it also shuts down the page that the special offer you had was on and will no longer be available after the time is up, instead redirecting people to another page with possibly a new timed offer or a message explaining that the timed offer they had hoped to learn more about had in fact ended and would no longer be available. Pretty cool for a free plugin if you ask me.

If you are interested in using this plugin for yourself then check out my quick set up guide below for setting up the plugin properly and as quick as possible.

Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the Business Deal Countdown plugin settings area

Like always go ahead and look up the Business Deal Countdown plugin at the WordPress plugin bank and download/activate it, it should be the first one to show up, created by Ninja Press.

After its activated, you should realize that there isn’t a settings area for this plugin, as it does not actually need one. This plugin is one that can be completely controlled and set up on each individual page that you create, which makes good sense to me considering how simple this plugin essentially is.

Head over to whatever page you want to add this timer to and scroll down past the text section of the page where you will see a section dedicated to this plugin. Select the enable Business Deal Countdown plugin box and begin customizing the details of your timer, such as how long you want it to run, when you want it to start and what page you want your readers to be redirected to after the time expires on your offer and the place is no longer accessible.

After you get those simple terms squared away your new countdown timer should be all set up and ready to launch at your specified date, simple right?

Hopefully you will be able to take full advantage of this cool free plugin, countdown timers really can be an effective tool when used properly, it’s just that a lot of people don’t use it properly, hopefully you will fair different.

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Thanks again for reading through this quick set up guide, if you have any suggestions on alternatives to this plugin then I or other readers would definitely love to check it out so make sure to leave the info down below.

Talk to you soon,