Antispam Bee Plugin

Photo showing the Antispam Bee info page

One of the most important aspects that Google looks for  when deciding how to properly rank your content is whether or not people are bothering to comment on your pages.

One of the most important aspects that you as a content creator/web designer should look for is a method of filtering out real, genuine comments from the massive  amount of spam on the internet.

Today I am going to introduce you to a great solution to the never ending wave of annoying, unwanted bot spam, read onward if this is something that you feel may benefit you.

Why Would You Want This Plugin

Assuming you aren’t a member of Wealthy Affiliate(they handle filtering spam for you on all your websites without the need for a plugin), you are going to need something to filter out the massive amount of spam floating around on the internet.

Google is able to recognize certain comments as spam and if Google sees these comments on your website, they will tend to think less of that site. Not to mention people who come on your site, most people are able to spot a spam comments fairly easily and could possibly be turned off by the sight of spam all over the comments section on your content, as I know I would.

Keeping spam out of your comments section is like a form of keeping your site healthy and free of pests or disease, obviously something you need to be conscience of if you want your site to perform the way you imagine it to in your head.

By now you should know whether or not this plugin is something you need, so if you feel like you would like to check this plugin out then read through this quick set up guide to get your new tool up and rolling ASAP.

Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the Antispam Bee settings area

Head into the plugin store and download the Antispam Bee plugin, it will be the first one on your left, created by Pluginkollekiv. After you download and activate it, hop into the settings so we can double check that everything is set up properly for you.

Luckily this is a simple to use/set up plugin with plenty of quality functionality, something you should notice right away when you get into the settings area. Make sure certain options are selected such as trust approved commenters(people who you have approved to comment on your website in the past are typically not going to post spam in the future), validate the IP address of commenters(extra verification if you will), spam notification by email, mark as spam but do not delete(so you can review comments yourself and determine for sure if its actually spam) and the last thing I would recommend you have activated is the public antispam data base so your plugin has as much information as possible to better serve you.

These are all the things that I recommend you have activated, all other aspects to this plugin are things you are welcome to check out and decide yourself whether you need said function or not.

Hopefully this post will help you get your new plugin activated and working towards protecting you from harmful spam as quick as can be!

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I appreciate you taking the time to check out this cool plugin, hopefully you found this information useful and will get plenty of use out of said plugin. I would like to know, how do you handle filtering spam, do you us Antispam Bee? Or do you use a different plugin, program or method? Let me know down the comments section!

Thank you again for reading,