All In One SEO Plugin

Photo showing the All In One SEO plugin info page

You will soon find out if you are serious about making a living online that the most valuable commodity that a website creator can have is traffic.

Traffic is all powerful in the online world, and a lot of people pay a lot of money in order to get that traffic, but the trick that anyone who makes good money online knows is that the best way to get traffic is organically, or naturally if you will.

This is done, well, by doing multiple things really, but one of the biggest things that factors into getting plenty of organic traffic is SEO or search engine optimization, basically the process of organizing/optimizing your site in a way that Google will be able to better understand and rank your site.

Keep in mind that the better Google understands you and your mission, the higher up they will more than likely rank you, assuming you are producing quality content/material, which is why today I am going to introduce you guys to the All In One SEO WordPress plugin, a free plugin that will help to do some of the SEO heavy lifting for you(some not most), so read on if you want to learn more.

Why Would You Want This Plugin?

As I pointed out, there is no escaping the need for SEO assuming you have any goal of creating a viable online business, this free plugin will just help take care of some of the important aspects of your websites SEO.

This plugin allows for things such as creating and sending Google an XML sitemap and hooking up your Google Analytics account/Google Search Console account to your website for more seamless tracking of information that matters to you such as traffic numbers and indexing of your content.

Those are just a couple of the things that All In One SEO can do to add to your experience, I encourage you to check this plugin out as it is free to use(there is a premium paid version but I personally don’t use it) and is worth the space in your plugin inventory, although as I always say it’s not really a must to have this plugin, you just something with similar applications, now whether that plugin is a paid plugin or another free plugin that you decide you like more, is up to you.

Check out this quick set up guide to getting this plugin set up quickly and effectively if you decide you are interested in using this cool plugin.

Quick Set Up Guide

Photo showing the All In One SEO settings area

Fire up the plugin market on WordPress and punch in the name All In One SEO to get started, it should be the first one on the left, created by Michael Torbert, its the one with over a million downloads which should be noticeable as well.

When its downloaded head over to installed plugins and activate it, after which you should head on into the SEO settings. Ok so I am going to go through a list of things you need to make sure are in place like they should be, keep in mind I am just showing you how to set up the plugin so it has its basic functionality online, the deeper aspects of this plugin is something I encourage you to look into on your own time when you have the experience to understand what you are doing and why, okay?

Here we go, first thing just check to make sure that under general settings canonical URL’s is checked, then make sure to enable custom canonical URL’S, enable original title, then head down to homepage settings and fill in what you want to be your home title and your home description or home meta tag if that’s better, then choose whether you want to use a static page as your home page.

After you get your home settings figured out head over to title settings and enable rewrite titles, go ahead and check the box for capitalizing tag and search titles if you want, nothing else in this area should need to be altered if at all so just move on and leave the rest be.

Head down to custom post type settings and enable SEO for custom post types and then select the check boxes next to posts and pages for the SEO on these posts column. Check display settings and make sure you have posts and pages selected under the show column labels for custom post types column, after which you will come to the Google section where you can integrate your search console, analytics and even Google plus account with your All In One SEO plugin/WordPress, so if you have those things(you should) then fill in the info to get that sorted away if you so wish.

Last thing you need to do is make sure under the indexing settings that you have no index checked for your author archive, date archive and categories pages and that’s really all the essentials, so now you scroll down to the bottom and save your changes and you are good to go.

Hopefully this quick set up guide helped you get your new plugin all set up with the fundamentals, and hopefully you get plenty of use out of it like so many other website creators have.

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Thank you very much for reading this cool plugin guide, please make sure to leave a comment down below if you have any recommendations for people in place of this plugin, or maybe you have an opinion on All In One that you would like to share, whatever the case please let me know.

Thank you again for reading,