3 Tips For Writing Content

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If you would have told me that you could make thousands of dollars(or more) a month as a full time blogger just managing a small website about 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but here we are.

It really is amazing how powerful blogging truly is, and as time goes by more and more web entrepreneurs become aware of its power, but what happens when you struggle to write the content? Writing content can be hard, and coming up with the core ideas for your content is no exception, so I decided to put together a short list of 3 things to keep in mind when trying to create content.

Please read on if you want some tips on creating the life blood of your website, and by extension the very thing that will bring you your money.

Get Ideas From Prior Content

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One great way to get ideas for writing content is to read back through what content you have already created and write about something you read there. This is actually a great tip because if you can create content through this method, you will already have a way to naturally interlink to that site from another page on your site, interlinking is an important part of creating content and a successful blog so make sure to read about it if you haven’t .

Let me give you an example, take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate overview page, one day I was reading through it again and decided I could write a page of content talking about the struggles of being overwhelmed with information and schooling, and that giving up on your goal is just going to lead to internal suffering and strife, which is very much the truth if you don’t know, or it’s true to how I feel when I give up on a goal or dream at least.

Check out the photo showing the part I am talking about above and notice how I transition the link to my new page of content. I could come back a month from now and get a new idea for another piece of content from this page, like maybe “how to choose your niche” just to give another example off the top of my head. Make sure to try this tip out, it can really come in handy and you might get some great, quality content out of it.

Write Naturally And Conversational

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If there is one key to writing good content that any successful blogger would tell you, its that you need to write with a conversational, relaxed tone. Talk to your readers as if you know them, they know you, and they read your content all the time.

Doing this helps to break down the barrier of uneasiness and distrust that most people will have towards you to begin with. You will have trouble getting people to read through your content if the tone you write in is unnatural, robotic or to pressuring in any way, doing yourself a terrible disservice.

Try mixing in your own brand of humor with your writing, connect what you are doing to experiences you have had to help your readers relate to you, something, anything to make yourself more human, more true to yourself. The more natural and laid back your writing is, the more you get your readers to trust you and more they will read into and spend time on your site, and the longer someone lingers on your site reading the better your odds of converting them to buying what you have to offer.

This really is an important factor to be thinking about constantly when writing out content so please make sure to keep this in mind for the future.

Be Passionate And Believe In Your Niche

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Yet another point I really cannot stress enough, you need to be passionate and believe in whatever it is that you are writing about, because if you aren’t, more than likely people will see through you and not believe anything you have to say, destroying your online credibility, and I shouldn’t have to tell you that your credibility with your readers is everything.

This isn’t like selling used cars on the lot, there shouldn’t be a sales tactic, no mind games or phony timers urging your readers to sign up as if they will get a better deal if they do, just straight forwardness. I am not one to brag and i’m really not when I tell you that I am a natural salesman, and I harness that natural power very well, but there is a catch, one requirement for me to be able to excel.

I’ve never been the type of person who likes to get over on people or screw them, I have to truly believe in whatever it is I am selling or offering to people, and if I do then you can bet I will be aiming for the #1 spot. My point being, you have to be the same way.

You can’t set up a website/blog and create content about something that your heart isn’t in, if you did it would be a colossal waste of time for you and when that project failed you would probably just give up all together on making money online, or you would have to start over from scratch and do it the right way by writing about a niche that actually interests you and is something you actually understand.

Quality content that is relatable/helpful to the reader is truly an invaluable thing, far more so than a lot of people realize. Using these three tips listed, the process of coming up with concepts and creating content should be a little bit easier now, maybe your writing will even improve.

Writing and blogging is a massive part of building a good foundation for your website, but if you don’t understand some of the multiple different ways to generate money from your website then chances are it’s going to take time to get to where you are working towards, a lot more time, and time is both money and freedom so you don’t want to waste it.

If you are looking for a hub where you can learn how to build and monetize websites, and I call it a hub because it is also an affiliate marketing community, then check out my overview/review of the online school Wealthy Affiliate where I go into more detail about them.

WA will take you from a beginner who barely knows how to use the internet past social media, to an experienced website designer who understands the fundamentals of building a website that generates traffic, or money, if you will. It’s free to sign up and begin learning so check it out if making a living online interests you.

Hopefully these 3 tips on writing content really will help you move forward in your own projects, and if it does then please make sure to let me know down below! Or maybe you have a tip of your own for readers? Whatever the case I am very interested in hearing from you!

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