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Learning The Affiliate Game

Hello and welcome! My name is Lorenzo, I am the creator of The Affiliate Learning Game, a website/blog idea that I came up with and decided to make to help people with the dream of making a living online get started along their path, the best way I am able to.

I wouldn’t call myself a master scholar in the arts of affiliate marketing and web design but I am leagues beyond compared to when I decided to take the steps to begin my venture into the world of online money making, and most of that  is due to this online school training program that takes you from a beginner with no experience of any kind in building websites or affiliate marketing to someone who understands how to build a website that is profitable, and with enough time and effort given, very profitable.

The way this “online school” teaches you how to build and optimize your own affiliate site is by literally building a website from start to finish right in front of you with live commentary by the owner and creator of the school program himself.

He goes into good detail throughout every lesson, and follows it up with basic overviews of what each video lesson covers.

Its Free

A big aspect of this school is in the fact that it’s 100% free to sign up and still offers worthwhile content, something that is lacking in today’s online world. Signing up for a free account will allow you access to an entire course of 10 lessons teaching you the beginnings of designing and building a website that can make you money.

Along with the free course is the ability to create and host two websites of your own for free on the school’s server, which they will continue to host for you FOREVER, even if you do not choose to pay the monthly subscription for all the other tools and courses they offer and just continue to be apart of the school community with your free account.

Real Training Means Real Effort

A lot of other websites offer you either nothing but empty promises or essentially what this online school already offers just not executed as well and not as much offered, sometimes for a higher price, then they try to get you to buy other products as well!

This school for affiliates  is very up front, laying all the cards on the table to start with, telling you the only way to build a website that will truly last the test of time is to learn how to build it right the first time and do it yourself. No tricks, just lots of time and studying the best techniques and constantly shaping your site.

This is not something that can be easily done in a quick period of time, its going to take constantly building on it and months of time before you start to even see the light at the end of the tunnel, the light being the truth that you actually can make a living on the internet and pursue your dream.

Take A Peek

I highly recommend you try out this school program for yourself, and if you decide you like what the free membership has to offer, they offer a discounted first month of their premium subscription for you to try it and see if it’s for you.

This program, known as Wealthy Affiliate is held in high regards from just about every corner of the affiliate world online, and I suggest you go see for free why that is.

Please feel free to read through some of the content that I have written, including my semi frequent blog posts where I talk about all sorts of things ranging from me, my life and my journey to make more and more money online, to tips on all things affiliate marketing and web design.

Thank you for reading, and I hope no matter where you end up learning how, you really, genuinely do reach your goal of making a living online,